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Workout in your apartment

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Workout in your apartment


Tone up your butt and thigh muscles by doing squats. There are many variations of squats, but the most basic of them is the body-weight squat. The body-weight squat doesn’t require you to own any special gear, since you’ll be doing this move without any weights.

Start by holding your arms out horizontally in front of you as you stand straight, with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Next, bend your knees and lower your body down as much as possible.

This exercise not only helps tone up your bottom, but they also work the muscles on your back, and is one of the few workouts that enables you to engage as many muscles as possible.

Mountain climbers

Despite its intimidating name, the mountain climber is relatively simple to do and doesn’t require much space. All you need is a floor, and an optional mat.

Get into a push-up position on the floor or mat, with your arms shoulder-width apart. Next, bring one foot forward and rest the weight on the ball of your foot, and switch feet so that it seems like you are running vertically. Start slow at the beginning, but gradually increase the speed of movement.

Mountain climbers give both your upper and lower body a workout, as well as working your abdominal muscles. Beginners can also opt to place their hands on an elevated surface, such as a bench, as it is easier than placing their hands on the floor.


Build up your upper body and arm muscles by doing push-ups. One of the most common cardio workouts out there, push-ups are very underrated.

Get down on the floor with your arms straight against the ground, so that your weight is resting on your feet and the palm of your hands. Slowly lower yourself down, supporting your weight with your arm muscles. Repeat this action.

Begin by getting into position, with your arms spread shoulder-width apart. Women and beginners can also assume a position where the knees are touching the floor, and the feet are raised at an angle, as this position takes a bit of weight off your arms.

T Stabilisation

The T Stablisation is a relatively simple exercise that trains your abdominal, lower back and hip muscles.

It is similar to the mountain climber, but instead of working your legs, the arms are the ones in movement. First, assume a push-up position, with your legs and arms spread shoulder-width apart. Next, turn your body to the right while raising your right arm straight into the air, and do then the same for the left arm.

You should start slow, but increase the speed of alternating sides as you go. Be careful not to alternate too fast as it can injure your wrist if you don’t stabilise yourself properly.

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