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Road to Incheon: Friendly Competition For Para-Swimmers

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theresa goh 

Team Singapore Para-swimmer Theresa Goh won two Bronze medals at the 2010 Asian Para Games (Photo by Sport Singapore)


For Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh, they do not let their disability get in the way of doing the things that they love; in fact, it serves as a motivation to outdo themselves and the others around them.

27-year-old para swimmer Goh is no stranger to the heat of battle. She knows how tough and demanding swimming can get, but somehow still loves every moment that her body is submerged underwater. Her best friend and fellow para swimmer shares the same sentiments and how she feels being underwater seems safer.

“Freedom! I feel more at ease and am able to move around freely without obstacles while in the water,” said 22-year-old Yip.

Competition is nothing new to both of them and the upcoming 2014 Asian Para Games will definitely be another challenge to relish. Incheon will be a challenge on many different fronts for them, as the climate and atmosphere there would be a contrast on what we have on a daily basis in Singapore.

pin xiu

This will be Pin Xiu's second appearance at the Asian Para Games (Photo by Sport Singapore)


With that being said, both the swimmers are looking to bring in their experience from four years ago when they participated in the inaugural 1st Asian Para Games in Guangzhou, China. Only an 18-year-old then, Yip has matured and gotten more experienced within the four years adding many more medals under her belt. In the 8th ASEAN Para Games earlier this year, Yip won Silver in the 100m backstroke (S6) event despite the disadvantage of competing in a higher class where participants have least severe disability.

Her teammate, Goh also came home victoriously sweeping three Gold medals in the 50m and 100m breaststroke (SB4), and 200m freestyle (S5) events, a feat that she was proud of. With the Asian Para Games just around the corner, Goh described how she aims to always outdo herself.

“Every competition that I’ve been to has moments that are pretty unforgettable and it just pushes me to create more unforgettable moments for myself,” said Goh.

Yip added:  “An unforgettable moment would be when Majulah Singapura played at the Watercube during the 2008 Paralympics while I was on the podium. I still have goose bumps thinking of that moment.”

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