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Piloxing Master Class Turnout Encouraging to Cortney Gornall

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The enthusiasm displayed by participants at Piloxing’s first Asian master class in Singapore delighted master trainer and President of Education Cortney Gornall.

Piloxing Master Class SingaporeParticipants at Asia's 1st Piloxing Master Class held at the Jurong East Sports Centre on 17 October 2014.

Despite the presence of only one certified local instructor, Lucretia Cheng, the comprehensive cardio workout that promises core work, toning, and plenty of fun has been slowly gaining popularity in Singapore over the past year.

In fact, more than 300 people flocked to the Jurong East Sports Centre on the 17th of October, opting to spend their Friday night working out alongside others in what turned out to be a rather successful inaugural Asian master class for piloxing.

Travelling all the way from California to conduct the class, Gornall treated participants to an hour’s worth of energy and zeal, all while making certain she imparted the appropriate stances and techniques piloxing comprises.

According to Gornall, the spirited response she received from members of the master class eliminated any sort of jet lag she might have been feeling after flying in late the night before.

Cortney Gornall_Singapore Piloxing Master ClassCortney Gornall, Senior Master Trainer and President of Education at the Piloxing Academy

“Oh my gosh, it was amazing. The energy in this room was ridiculous,” Gornall enthused.

“People were excited and just smiling the whole class, (it was) extremely powerful. It was really good.”

The master trainer made sure to head down into the crowd to correct postures and stayed after the session to mingle with her students, ensuring that everyone received an opportunity to snap a photo or consult her on the techniques they had just picked up.

“It’s fun to actually make connections with the students in the class because they feel you more. They can feel that you’re really engaging with them,” she said

“It’s super fun, it’s my favourite part.”

A former occupational therapist, Gornall believed piloxing was a workout one could do “at your own level”, but she was nonetheless delighted by the display of energy from the master class’ participants.

“People were telling me after the class that this was their very first time even trying piloxing. I couldn’t believe it. You know, they really, really caught on fast, and enjoyed themselves,” Gornall pointed out.

“Sometimes when it’s new; you’re just concentrating the whole time and trying to figure it out, but they were just engaged and happy the whole class.”

The blonde master trainer’s first visit to Singapore also saw her certify some 80 new instructors in a nine-hour certification course, significantly expanding the local piloxing scene. She advised these new instructors to emphasize on technique, in order to ensure that their students get the best out of their classes.

“You know, piloxing, because it’s boxing and pilates and dance, there’s a lot of technique. And so, there’s a specific piloxing technique,” she shared.

“It’s not just about going through the choreography, it’s about applying the technique to the choreography, so that way you get the most benefits out of the class.”

Gornall admitted that the outstanding turnout for piloxing’s first master class in Singapore likely means she’ll be back in the country soon enough.

“We are ready to launch in the Philippines, and we’ve already started in Korea, and also Japan. So this being our first time in Singapore, we’re thrilled with the response,” Gornall stated.

“It’s amazing, so we’ll definitely be back. We have plans in 2015 to really expand in this market.”

Piloxing Master Class SingaporeSweaty and happy at the end of the Master Class

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