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Piloxing boom set to follow Singapore’s first master class

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Singapore will host Asia’s first ever piloxing master class, and local instructor Lucretia Cheng couldn’t be more delighted.

A brain child of former dancer and master pilates instructor Viveca Jensen, piloxing is a unique interval training program blending the power and agility of boxing with the sculpting properties of pilates. The fusion workout is hugely popular in America and Europe.

Now, Singapore is set to play host to the President of Education from Jensen’s Piloxing Academy in Los Angeles, Cortney Gornall, in Asia’s inaugural piloxing master class on 17th October 2014. The session, which will be held at Jurong East Sports Centre, is free and open to all.

Piloxing ClassPiloxing instructor Lucretia Cheng (front left, with boxing gloves)  and her class participants. 

Singapore’s only certified piloxing instructor, Lucretia, was understandably thrilled that the country would be hosting a master trainer such as Gornall.

“Oh I think it’s fabulous! It puts Singapore in a very good position in the fitness world, because piloxing is quite new. It’s only been launched for five to six years,” she shared.

“It puts Singapore in a very good position, as the leading country in fitness and bringing in new workouts to people. I still remember how one of my students in Pasir Ris commented, ‘I was so shocked to find piloxing in Singapore! Singapore is so advanced!’”

Lucretia has been a piloxing instructor for two years, before recently linking up with Sport Singapore to conduct an ActiveSG piloxing studio programme.

She readily admitted that the growing interest in piloxing over the past year could be attributed to efforts by the country’s governing body for sport.

“Sport Singapore really launched this quite aggressively, with the premiums they are giving and the e-credits, and a lot of free trials for the public. So that was fantastic,” Lucretia pointed out.

“Normally, for master classes, you’ll have to pay. The fee is usually quite high, because you’re talking about a senior master trainer coming to throw a class. But SportSG actually took the initiative to sponsor it. I think that’s very generous.”

Some 300 participants have already indicated an interest in attending Gornall’s master class, with numbers expected to grow over the next week.

Also a certified zumba instructor, Lucretia noted that there was a heavier emphasis on toning in piloxing as compared to zumba, making it an ideal workout for both women and men. A typical piloxing session burns from 400 to 900 calories.

“There are a lot of dance elements in zumba, whereas in piloxing, it’s really a fitness class. It’s the toning element, the interval-training element. So you alternate between high intensity and low intensity,” she revealed.

“I do have a few big, burley guys coming to my class and they really work up a sweat at the end of the class. Towards the end of the class, he looked really spent. I think I did my job.”

A day after the master class, Gornall will conduct a piloxing instructor certification course for 80 applicants hoping to obtain the accreditation to teach.

Places in the course were sold out last month, with Singapore being the only country in the certification course calendar to have done so. Lucretia shared that some of her former students would be taking part in Gornall’s certification course.

“Basically, they’re just crazy about piloxing. One of them, it’s her dream to be a fitness instructor. She chose piloxing to launch her career as a fitness professional, so I think that’s cool, “ she said.

“Before that, I was selling it to them, ‘Do you want to join? You can help me out!’ I was a bit scared because classes were starting to grow and I don’t have anyone to help me."