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WTA Finals Singapore ambassador Li Na visits the Singapore Sports Institute

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Li Na at Singapore Sports Institute(Photo by Sport Singapore/ Calvin Teoh) 

WTA Finals ambassador Li Na visits the Singapore Sports Institute, much to the delight of a group of aspiring young tennis players. Here are some points that she shared with the youths during this session on 20 October 2014.

Li Na at Singapore Sports Institute with Aspiring tennis stars(Photo by Sport Singapore/ Calvin Teoh) 

1. There are many winners in the world but not many good champions. On or off the court, always behave like a champion.

2. The journey will be tough. Once you decide what you want to do, just continue and don't give up. 

3. All winners have self-doubts. Just don't hold on to those self-doubts. During my younger days, whenever I won, I will just tell myself it’s because a good player did not compete. If I lose, I will just ask myself “how did you lose the match”?

4. Thanks to tennis, I found my husband. (Li Na’s husband Jiang Shan was her personal coach at one point during her career) 

5. Before I go to a match, I don’t think so much. I just keep it simple and think of what I should do on the court and nothing else.

6. Most people just see the good life that tennis stars lead but not many realize how hard we are working just for this short moment. 

7. It is easy to say you want to be a champion but it is not that easy to be a champion. Believe in yourself. When I am having a tough time, I tell myself to just smile. It is important to smile to everyone and yourself. Even if you feel you are having a tough time, so is everyone else. 

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