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Grab Huck Score 2014: Teamwork the theme of the day

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SMU Grab Huck Score 1

 This year's SMU Grab Huck Score saw 5-aside rules implemented that raised the intensity of the competition (photo by SportSG).

Held on the open fields at Farrer Park this year, the full-day tournament witnessed fierce competitions among the teams, perhaps because they were playing five-a-side instead of the usual seven-a-side game, which encouraged more intense gameplay.
In the External category, Team Up narrowly overcame Team I am hammer 9-8 to be crowned champions, breaking the stronghold of Team Cockeye, who was looking to complete their hat-trick of championships, after winning the 2012 and 2013 editions.
Terence Tan, captain of Team Up admitted that he did not expect the victory because his team seldom trained together.
“Up means United Poly, as all our members come from different polytechnics. We didn’t expect to win because coming from different schools; we didn’t have a lot of playing time together,” explained Tan.
“But when we realised we had a shot of winning, our playing intensity and desire to win went up a notch.”
Despite a poor showing in the External category, Team Cockeye did not walk away empty-handed. Their B team beat defending champions Team Nutella 8-3 to win the Institutional category.

It was a sweet victory for Gordon Yeo, captain of Team Cockeye (B), who was happy to finally end their medal-less drought in the External category. According to Yeo, the team had to fight hard to win.

SMU Grab Huck Score 2

The MVP (Institutional) Medal on show in the above picture, which was eventually won by Derrick Koh from Team Cockeye (photo by SportSG).

“Every team that we played along the way was a good preparation for the finals because they were very tough. Every team gave us a good fight,” Yeo said.
“I noticed that there are more and more new players and they are actually giving us, the veterans a good run for our money.”
The tournament also crowned its Most Valuable Player (MVP), recognising the efforts of the individuals who played exceptionally well for their teams.
The MVPs of the External category were awarded to Darryl Ng from Team I am hammer and Wan Fong from Team Kasheef, while the MVPs of the Institutional category went to Fiona Pang and Derrick Koh, who were both from Team Cockeye.
Both Pang and Koh were humble in victory and credited their team for their award.
“I feel very happy but the MVP goes to the team, because it is a team effort and it’s good that we got it,” said Koh.
Adding on, Pang said: “I feel that there is not really a MVP in a team sport and at the end of the day, the collective effort from everyone in the team is important.”

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