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10 things to catch at the Singapore Sports Museum

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YOG Medals

YOG Medals on show at the Singapore Youth Olympic Museum at the Singapore Sports Hub (photo by SportSG).


From Olympic torches to 1973 SEAP Games memorabilia, the museum houses tons of rare, valued artifacts that represent the milestones of Singapore’s sporting history.

If you haven’t made a trip down to the museum, here are 10 reasons why you should do soon.

1. Hall of Fame
When you first enter the museum, expect to be greeted by the Hall of Fame. Studded with names of local sport legends such as Tan Howe Liang and Arumugam Vijiaratnam, this wall will definitely make you swell with national pride.  

2. Building a Dream

Find out how the Singaporean sporting dream first started with this unique exhibition. Featuring a collection of rare artifacts dated way back (from the 1980s!), these antiques will tell you the story of how passion changed a nation.  

Hologram Exhibition A hologram display of Singapore swimming legend Ang Peng Siong, once the world's fastest swimmer (photo by SportSG).

3. Holograms
If you’re tired of static displays, make sure you to take a look at the interactive hologram display. You can now watch a mini documentary on Ang Peng Siong - the 1982 World’s Fastest swimmer, discover the history of swimming, learn some cool swim moves and much more on a display also housing Ang’s swimming trunks.

4. Customised Air Jordans
Inspired by the colors of Singapore Sports hub logo, this pair of limited edition kicks was specially customized by the Singapore Sports Museum. Unfortunately, we don’t think they are for sale, but one can dream!

5. The Stadium Documentary
Watch how the big boy of the Singapore Sports Hub came to life in this mini documentary. Other than merely showcasing facts and features of the Stadium, it also shows the tears and sweat that went behind building this magnificent monument.

6. Journey of the Old Stadium
The old stadium may be gone, but not completely. Dotted all over the museum are bits and pieces from the old Kallang Stadium such as the stadium’s lights, Lee Kuan Yew’s official opening speech in 1973 and foundation stones.

1993 SEA Games Coke CansCommemorative Coca Cola Cans from the 1993 SEA Games held in Singapore, on display at the recently opened Singapore Sports Museum (photo by SportSG).


7. Singapore SEA GAMES 1993 Commemorative Coca Cola Cans
Let’s go for gold with these retro Coca Cola Cans. Some of you might remember that these red, white and gold cans were issued to commemorate the 1993 SEA Games held in Singapore.

8. The Fandi Exhibition
The museum won’t be complete without a section dedicated to Singapore’s favorite football son. Take an exclusive peek into Fandi’s personal collection – including his jerseys and footballs.

9. Youth Olympic Games Memorabilia
The Youth Olympic Games holds a special place in the heart of the Singapore sporting scene since the country was the first to host this prestigious event. Catch the special YOG cauldrons, safety flame lantern, medals and other special memorabilia on display.

10. Complete Collection of Olympic Pins
Who doesn’t love the Olympics? The Singapore Sports Museum has proudly obtained an extensive collection of Olympic pins for your viewing. The displays of colorful, intricate pins are truly a sight to behold.

Admission to the Singapore Sports Museum is free for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

For more visitor information, please visit this link here.

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