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Using the Misfit Shine fitness tracker

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The Misfit Shine is a fitness tracker that stands out from the crowd with its sleek and stylish looks courtesy of its anodized aluminium façade. In addition, the all-metal enclosure is also waterproof up to 50 meters, and syncs with your smartphone without the hassle of wireless configurations or cumbersome cables.

So how does the Misfit Shine fare as a fitness tracker? We take a closer look at its design and features to find out.

Versatile style

Indeed, at its Singapore media launch at the Grand Park City Hall Hotel last year, team members were unapologetic that the Shine was designed with style firmly in mind. The rational is that a wearable should be stylish and versatile enough to blend seamlessly into every social setting, such that users should not feel awkward or even conscious about wearing them.

This probably explains the wide range of accessories available for the Shine. On its website, the company touts a necklace, leather band, sport band – the package comes with one, as well as a magnetic clasp that allows you to clip the Shine onto swimwear or running shoes.

To synchronizing the Shine, simply start the Shine app and place the device squarely on the indicated section of the screen. Activity information is automatically downloaded into the app, presumably through some sort of capacitance interface. The Shine app is available for the iOS and Android platforms.

Have you hit your activity goal yet?

Before using the Shine, you will need to key various information such as you gender, age, height and weight into the Shine app. A variable fitness “goal” defined by a numeric figure is also defined from the app, and is transmitted to the Shine hardware when it is next synchronized.

Once configured, a quick tap on the Shine will bring up the current progress made towards this predefined goal for the day. This appears as a halo of light dots, with a complete circle signifying that the target has been met. Certainly, it is an extraordinarily simple yet effective way for wearers to track their physical activities for the day, and if necessary, opt for more physical activities such as taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Activity data is stored for up to 10 days, so you’re have to upload before then. In terms of granularity of information though, some may lament that not much information is shown other than the distance that the Shine thinks you have walked, and the calories burned; the latter is estimated based on the basal metabolic rate and activity time.

Ultimately, if you expect a feature-filled fitness tracker that offers ultra-high activity tracking, then the Shine may not be what you need. On the other hand, the Misfit Shine would be perfect for those looking for a stylish lifestyle activity monitor to keep a tab on their level of physical activity.
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