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Three popular sports bands in Singapore

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Curious about the craze over sports bands, and looking to get one for yourself before the upcoming Chinese New Year? While not every model can be purchased off the shelf from shops in Singapore, there is fortunately a number of popular devices to choose from.

We highlight a trio of the top sports bands below.

Fitbit Flex


The Fitbit Flex is a slim, stylish device that is comfortable and relatively unobtrusive. One of the most popular sports band around, it tracks activities such as steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned during the day. At night, it helps keep a tab on sleep quality and even comes with a built-in vibrating alarm to wake you in the morning without disturbing your partner. Data is synchronized wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone or Android smartphone, and you can track your progress from the free Fitbit app.

One notable feature of the Fitbit Flex are the small lights embedded in the waistband to provide an immediate update of overall activity in between synchronizations. Though built-in battery lasts about five days, one downside is that it uses a proprietary recharging cable – so try not to lose it. The Fitbit Flex is available for sale at Best, Challenger, Courts, Gain City and other major retailers in Singapore.

Price: $129.00

Jawbone Up 

The Jawbone Up is the wristband made by Jawbone, a pioneer in the activity tracker market. As expected, the Up tracks calories burned throughout the day, as well as sleep quality at night. According to Jawbone, data uploaded by the wristband will be interpreted by the free Up app to find hidden connections and patterns gleaned from both daytime and nighttime activities.

One major downside is that the Up doesn’t offer wireless synchronization – though the newer Jawbone Up24 does – and must be plugged into the headphones jack to upload. Both wireless and non-wireless models charge by plugging the 2.5mm sync plug into a special charger that is included in the package. You can get the Up with free shipping from Apple Store Singapore.

Price: $189.00

Misfit Shine 

The Misfit Shine is probably the best looking activity tracker here. Carved from a solid chunk of aircraft grade aluminum, it is the only waterproof device suited for activities such as swimming. An accelerometer housed securely within the all-metal chassis keeps track of your activities. You tap on the Shine with your finger to shows your physical current progress for the day through the illuminated dots on its surface.

The Shine can be worn as a sports band, necklace or even tied to your shoelace or clipped to a pocket. Unlike the others, it uses a CR2032 coin battery that is good for at least 4 months of regular use. The Shine tracks calories burned using your basal metabolic rate and length of activity. You can order the Misfit Shine from its online store or purchase it from major retailers here. (You can check out our review of the Misfit Shine here)

Price: $179.00

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