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The best 5 earphones for runners

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All of us love music to a certain degree, and runners especially know how an upbeat tune at the right time can spur them to push on for that extra kilometer or two. Fortunately, the many sports-centric earphones out there means that runners are spoilt for choice on this matter.

To help you get the right pair of earphones for your regular runs, we pick a list of the top earphones that you may want to consider getting.

Best Wireless

The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds that connects to your smartphone for music and calls. Built-in batteries deliver up to 4.5 hours of music, or practically enough for a full marathon if you are a fast runner. The battery status is easily monitored from iOS or Android devices, while a dual function carrying/charging case packs additional juice for up to 14.5 hours of listening time. The Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 retails at $$159 for the earphones, or S$199 with the charging case.

Excellent Sound Quality

Fans of Bose can trust the Bose SIE2i sport headphones to deliver the company’s trademark sound clarity and bass to help melt the distance away. The earphones also comes with the company’s proprietary StayHear tips to help the earbuds stay firmly in place, and is available in a variety of colors including green, orange, blue and purple. The Bose SIE2i doesn’t come cheap though, and retails for S$219 with a Reebok-branded fitness armband (The Bose SIE2 without inline remote is slightly cheaper at S$179).

Music and FM Radio

While resistance to sweat and moisture is one of the prerequisites for earphones for joggers, the Jabra Sport Wireless+ stands out in terms of its US Military-grade level of rain, shock and dust protection. The Bluetooth earphone fits snugly behind the ear for a secure and comfortable fit when pounding the pavement, while its built-in microphone also offers wind-noise protection for maintaining a conversation without having to stop. And did we mention it comes with a built-in FM radio too? The Jabra Sport Wireless+ current retails for S$148.

Superior Grip

The Sony MDR-AS400EX comes with a vertical adjustable ear loop that allows the device to fit firmly and comfortably. The earphone is sweat-proof, and comes with a serrated cord to reduce cord tangles. The headphones is available in black, white, or orange, and has an attractive suggested retail price of S$59.

Most Versatile

Casual runners who are content with a basic earphone will find the Apple EarPods fitting the bill; you won’t get a second glance wearing the same gear when out jogging, or on the way to work. Though it isn’t actually designed for sports, the design should grip better than your standard earbuds. Moreover, a handy built-in remote allows for easy adjusting of volume and music playback if you are using an iPod or iPhone for music playback. The most price-friendly on the list here, the Apple EarPods retails at S$42 on the Apple Store with free shipping.

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