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Minister Tan Chuan Jin graces Saturday Night Lights Central launch

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Guest-of-honour, Acting Minister of Manpower, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, launching the Saturday Night Lights Central with a well-taken goal. (Photo by VoxSports)

Saturday Night Lights Central, in collaboration with Changi Airport group, was officially launched on 25 January at the ITE College Central. It aims to give underprivileged youths in the Central district a platform to come together and enjoy a game of football.

The football programs will be headed by former Singapore internationals, S.Subramani and Yakob Hashim, including the guidance of coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation Singapore.

The event was graced by Acting Minister of Manpower, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, and he believes that this initiative will be a good avenue to churn out positivity and character from an individual.

“Sport is a force for social good. It brings out our pride, and it unites us in ways that few things do,” Mr Tan shared in his welcome address, stating the unity among athletes in the most recent SEA Games in Myanmar.

‘’Apart from teaching football, the coaches in this programme provide many life lessons like appreciation for teamwork, respect for leadership, discipline in thinking and action and commitment to purpose,” added Mr Tan.

The Principal of NorthLight Secondary School, Mr Martin Tan, also echoed Mr Tan’s views in his speech at the launch.

“Through sports, and football in particular, it will be a great way to instill values and build character in all of the participating NorthLight students. The camaraderie created, the teamwork and the bonds formed on the field would translate positively not only off it but also when they interact with their friends, family and most importantly, their colleagues at work,” explained Martin.

To reward these young and aspiring athletes, there were also presentations of Most Valuable Player and Most Improved Player awards, which were won by 10 different players from Team NorthLight School and Team Ansar FC.

Amerul Afiq, a winner of the MVP award from Team Ansar FC, was very delighted with the award.

“I am very happy that my hard work and discipline has gifted me with this award which I think I deserve,” the 15 year old mentioned.

Former National captain, S.Subramani, who is currently coaching the Team NorthLight School hopes to be an ideal mentor for his players: “I guide and motivate while training them. I want them to enjoy this sport and become someone in this society.”

“This is a good opportunity to develop and nurture talents,” the current ITE lecturer commented.

The evening was concluded with a friendly match, where Mr Tan Chuan Jin showed that he has the ability to not only excel in the political arena, but also on the football pitch, as the striker had a goal to his name, followed by roaring cheers from the spectators.

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