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Striking a path for young bowlers

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photo credit: VOXSPORTS

Many Singaporeans would agree that the sports community is still small and somewhat unpromising. However, the bowling community in Singapore is growing rapidly in grooming young talented individuals that can match up to international standards. Take for example Remy Ong, the ex-world champion in bowling who went through the grooming process at a tender age. 

The Under-22 Circuit League by the Asian Intercity Bowling Council (AIBC) - Leg 3, was held at Orchid Bowl on 29th September. The event, featuring teams from Malaysia and the Philippines, served as a platform for aspiring bowlers to showcase their talents and gauge whether they are capable of representing the nation in the sport. 

Some of the boys, whose parents and supporters were giving moral support from the stands; had trained hard in order to be recognized. Some of the Team Singapore boys showed their support as well, cheering loudly when their fellow teammate scored a strike and of course, in any team sport, camaraderie is sure to be strong.

Photo Credit: VOXSPORTS

Platform for Showcase

Mervyn Foo, Technical Director of Singapore Bowling Federation and a former national bowler said, “This is a platform for the Under-22s to showcase their talents. We also want to promote bonding and team spirit through this sport.”

Mervyn added that a select few bowlers would get a chance to go on a special bowling scholarship programme that will help them be student athletes in the future. 

The circuit league had three qualifying stages before the knockout stages. However, the most exciting match went down to the grand finale, pitting finalists Alex Chong and Muhammad Aizudeen from Team Singapore and Team Green Adventure Malaysia respectively.

The game was played to the best out of three with Chong winning the first game after taking a quick lead by scoring four consecutive strikes. But he quickly tired out after the first round, giving Aizudeen the chance to win the next two games and grab the champion’s crown for Leg 3 of the Under-22 Circuit League by the Asian Intercity Bowling Council.

Aizudeen said, “I feel happy because actually I wasn’t prepared for this tournament. My coach just asked me try out for it - and I’m very happy because I won!”

The championship for the Under - 22 bowling circuit will be held in Guam in December. These young talents are sure to be working their hardest during the next two months in preparation for the tough competition against keglers from other countries. 
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