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Stars light up NBA 3X Singapore

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3 v 3 basketball was on offer, as well as a series of skills competitions which included the famous "Slam Dunk Competition" made famous by the NBA (photo by VOXSPORTS).

A formidable team of NBA Stars was present at the NBA 3X Singapore event held over the last weekend of August from the 30th to 1st September. The event, originally scheduled in June earlier this year, was postponed due to the severe haze issue that stopped all outdoor sporting activities. The comeback of the event this time round saw NBA celebrities like the NBA All-Star Center of the Brooklyn Nets, Brook Lopez, The Brooklynettes dance troupe and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla mascot as invited guests for the tournament.
The crowd awaited the arrival of these stars while watching the NBA 3X tournament on court. During the half-time show, The Brooklynettes dance team sashayed their way onto the court to show off their dance moves. These girls have been in Singapore for about two days and they find Singapore really nice and beautiful.

Jennifer from the Brooklynettes said, “We are really having an awesome time here and we even tried the Chilli Crab and Black Pepper crab which is really delicious!” The Brooklynettes have travelled to countries like Spain and Italy to perform as well but this is the first time they have been in Singapore. With Singapore being one of the hottest countries, some may find it weird that these girls actually love the unforgivable heat.

Hey Sexy Lady! : Members of the Brooklynettes perform one of their dance routines to get the crowd going (photo by VOXSPORTS). 

With Brooklynettes being such a prestigious dance troupe, fame and glamour is not easily achieved by just looking good and dancing well. These girls go through a tough audition phase in order to make the cut. The six members of the Brooklynettes were hand picked among the three hundred and fifty ladies that auditioned for the spot. The selection process included a five-day boot camp packed with intense and vigorous exercises.

Most importantly, they were also assessed on their ability to work with the other ladies because camaraderie is essential and mutual trust is required to pull off some of their stunts. Of course, with the strict diet that comes along with the fitness regime, the girls will take it easy during the off-season. “I love chocolate!” exclaimed Nicolette from the Brooklynettes.
The Brooklynettes had the chance to taste Singapore’s favourite delicacies; on the other hand, Brook Lopez had the chance of taking the river cruise and enjoyed his time spent at Universal Studios Singapore. Brook said, “It’s been an honour to be invited, people here are really friendly and to see the reception we’ve had here in Singapore has been nothing but amazing!”

The towering 2.1 metre tall Brooklyn Nets center played his first all-star game this year. With the addition of future hall of famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets starting squad, Brook Lopez is excited to start the training camp. Of course, the Nets have their eyes set on the championship next season with the completion of their talented starting five including All-Star point guard, Deron Williams and six-time NBA All Star, Joe Johnson.

Brook Lopez also shares his toughest moments in the league amidst all the glory and fame. He said, “The toughest thing is to get hurt and having to sit out, it made me realize how much I took the game for granted and how much I really love the game also, being able to play basketball as my full-time job.”
Brook’s competitive nature also complemented his twin brother, Robin, as they always strived to outdo each other. Robin now plays for the Portland Trailblazers. Brook and Robin are the first set of twin brothers in the NBA to be drafted in to the first round of the same NBA draft back in 2008.

Brook’s mother, Deborah Ledford, was an Olympic swimmer and she had really impacted the family with her drive. Brook said, “She always encouraged me to take academics seriously and I have the same attitude towards sports which is to strive my hardest and do my best!”

Brook Lopez, an NBA All Star Centre for Brooklyn Nets, was the star attraction of the inaugural NBA 3X Singapore (photo by VOXSPORTS).

Throughout the event, the crowd was entertained by the Phoenix Suns Gorilla, the official ambassador of the Suns team and also of the entire NBA league. Though the gorilla never speaks, the mascot brought an energy that psyched the crowd and rewarded them by throwing NBA souvenirs to the crowd stands.
As the NBA3X came to a close, Brook bade farewell to his fans and supporters after an autograph session and a prize presentation to the winning teams of the NB A3X 3-on-3-basketball tournament.
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