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Game for life: scaling new heights

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Jane Lee beat the danger of avalanches, 118-mile-an-hour winds and low oxygen levels to summit Mount Everest and make history as part of the first all-women team from Singapore to accomplish the feat. 

Growing up Jane had an active and adventurous childhood. Playtime was constantly filled with outdoor activities such as riding a bicycle, flying a kite, or going fishing. Her father – businessman Lee Hua Lam – believed in letting children experience nature as much as possible.

The period that Jane took to plan, train and climb Mount Everest was life-defining. “The six of us had to do everything ourselves, from looking for sponsors to marketing our team to holding publicity events,” she explained.

For Jane, that was a real-life paradigm of how each member of a team could contribute in different ways towards a common goal. “Climbing Mount Everest taught me so much about teamwork.”

The above is an excerpt from “Game For Life”, a book that chronicles the journeys of 25 Singaporeans whose lives have been made extraordinary through sport. To read more about Jane Lee among other inspiring stories of hope and achievement, get your copy of “Game for Life” for just SGD$ 20 from SSC’s Sports Library located at 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799.

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