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Young Team Singapore ambassadors cheer on Singapore Reds

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It’s fans that sport cannot do without. Decked in red and cheering in unison, the Young Team Singapore Ambassadors (YTSA) were amongst the sea of 700 supporters that turned up at the opening match for the Asian Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament on 18th of August.

“This is the first time I came down to cover a rugby game and I play rugby myself. I felt really excited because I never got the chance to watch them play before,” Muhammad Khair, YTSA member for over a year said with much excitement.

Despite the gallant efforts of the supporters cheering on their beloved team, the Singapore Reds went down 25-35 to Hong Kong selection. On its facebook page, the Singapore Rugby Union acknowledged the the support of the fans: “Thank you to everyone who came down on Sunday to support the Singapore Reds! Despite the score, your presence was felt and gave the team a big boost. Come down and show your support for Rugby.”


An initiative set up by the Singapore Sports Council, the YTSA is a group of youths from various educational institutes around Singapore who come together to cheer on our Team Singapore athletes at local and international sporting events. Students who joined the YTSA since their secondary school days are awarded two co-curricular activities (CCA) points and are welcome to continue on the programme if they wish to do so. Since the programme started in 2005, the group has grown exponentially to over 700 members strong.

The programme is aimed at grooming youth to become young sports leaders. Through training and workshops, they will be highly knowledgeable about Team Singapore and they become student ambassadors to spread the word on Team Singapore to their family and friends. Lastly, these youths will attend sporting events both locally and at an international level to cheer on our athletes.

“You can spot us by our red shirts that has ‘Young Team Singapore Ambassadors’ written at the back and ‘I love team Singapore’ at the front. Another thing would be our cheers. We don’t really sit and keep quiet at events. We cheer at the appropriate timing so you can spot us when you hear synchronised cheering for Team Singapore.” Mohd Haidar explained.

The Singapore Reds will play the final match in the Asian Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament against the Chinese Taipei on 24 August 6pm at the Yio Chu Kang Stadium. Come and show your support to the game with the YTSA supporters.

Visit Singapore Rugby Union and its facebook page for more information about Asian Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament.

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