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Students raise funds for social cause through RunNUS

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Photo by Voxsports

Over hundreds of eager participants took part in 7th installment of the RunNUS on 25 August to raise funds for social cause. The race not only aims to promote healthy lifestyle through marathon running, but also gives students an opportunity to give back to their community and help out their fellow students who are in need.

Set in motion by the NUS Student Sports Club in 2007, the RunNUS is an annual running event that is popular among NUS students and the general public. Since 2010, RunNUS adopted a social cause and have been partnering the NUS Annual Giving Campaign to help raise funds for financially needy students in the campus.

“I think that this is a really great idea to help raise money. It is a chance for us students to help contribute in any way we can. It not only benefits those who need it, but also benefits us in one way or another,” said Rosan Rongen, a student from NUS.

This year’s run had five categories - the Men’s 10km Open, Women’s 10km Open, Men’s 10km NUS, Women’s 10km NUS and Fun Run for Open and NUS. Even though it is a small university-run event, the run this year had more than 700 participants registered for the event. One of the major pull factors for RunNUS is that the marathon is held within the campus in the University Town, where the harsh terrains of the campus pose as difficult challenges for runners with its steep slopes and hills, catering to avid runners who seek challenging running routes.

Photo by Voxsports

“Just taking part is already a step in contributing towards this beneficial cause. I think that it is great that the proceeds are going to help those in need,” expressed Ivy Ho Hui Ee, an NUS alumna. “This is my first time taking part and it is great having to go around and seeing my whole school again after so many years,” continued Ivy Ho.

Unlike other charity runs, all proceeds from RunNUS will go towards helping the students from NUS who need it the most. The funds would help these students in various aspects, such as college fees. With such a great participation response for this year’s event, it is definite that the NUS Sports Club will hold the 8th installment in the near future. Interested participants may look out for the registration announcement next year by visiting the RunNUS' official website.

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