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Record numbers as S'pore hosts Asian Rope Skipping Championships

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The Macau team showing off what they can do during the team event (photo by VOXSPORTS).

Singapore hosted the 7th Asian Rope Skipping Championships from 30 July – 2 August. The Asian Rope Skipping Federation (ARSF) event, one of the biggest rope skipping competitions in Asia, took place at the ITE College East and saw saw its largest number of participants this year, with over 300 participants from nine countries in Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. 

Rope skipping is not a traditionally recognized sport in Singapore as it is more common and generally popular as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in many Primary Schools here. However, efforts have been made to increase the awareness of the activity around the Asian region, in particular Singapore, with small competitions and tournaments held annually to give rope-skipping enthusiasts here an outlet to showcase their skills.

The ARSF had also made live streaming of the 7th Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2013 available on its website in a bid to educate more people about the nature of competitive rope skipping. 

“Although rope skipping is considered to be a primary school sport and not played on a secondary school level, there are some very enthusiastic skippers who pick it up as a leisure activity even after primary school. We have members who are studying in secondary schools, at university levels and some who are even working adults as well. Some of them have competed overseas,” expressed Ms Lee Lay Eng, Acting President of Rope Sports (Singapore). 

Skip for a Bowl of Rice

“We do some promotion of skipping to increase the awareness, for example a ‘Skip For A Bowl Of Rice’ campaign that was held in the name of charity,” continues Lee. 

Rope skipping is a sport that encourages cardiovascular as it engages your whole body to move in motion. It holds no boundaries, allowing for creativity to flow and create different styles to skipping and is usually combined with elements of dance and gymnastics.

27 year-old Noorasiah Yahya, a freelance rope skipping coach and member of the Singapore team, picked up skipping at the tender age of eleven as a CCA in primary school. Says the avid rope skipper, “There are hardly any avenues to pick up skipping after primary school but I love it because it is a full body workout. I love the freedom of trying out new skills and you can be as creative as you want.”

The 7th Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2013 featured a variety of events, from individual masters freestyle events to team events held over the period of three days. Through the competition, the Singaporean skippers were able to gain experience from facing off against the other competing countries, as well as learn new skills and foster new friendships.

“I am sure holding this event in Singapore will be a good catalyst for local skippers to continue to hone their skills and improve themselves, as well as to mingle with the other overseas participants. This way, they will be able to learn more skills and build more friendships,” explained Lee.
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