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Ramy Ashour, the magician of squash, thrills local fans in an exhibition match

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SIngapore's Number one Vivian Rhamanan shook hands with the World's Number one before the match. (Photo by VOXSPORTS)

The arrival of the World’s Number 1 Squash Player, Ramy Ashour, in Singapore took the local squash scene by storm as avid fans flocked to the Kallang Squash Centre on the 13th of August to catch the renowned player pit his skills against our national team. Prince, a well-known sports brand, had specially arranged the match for our athletes to take up the challenge against Ashour, taking home with them an unforgettable match experience.

Representatives from the National U-17 category were champion Chua Man Chin and runner-up Rayden Tan, and champion Benedict Chan and runner-up Timothy Leong from the National U-19 category. The exhibition match also saw some of our best players taking part, such as Samuel Kang (2010 National Champion), Marcus Phua (2011 National Champion) and Singapore’s current top squash player Vivian Rhamanan (2013 National Champion).

Eager and adoring fans of Ramy Ashour overran the squash centre, all excited to catch a glimpse of the legend in action. To no one’s surprise, Ramy Ashour emerged as victor from every round. Having picked up the sport at a young age of 6, Ramy Ashour is also affectionately known as ‘The Magician’ or ‘The Artist’ by his fans for his unique style of playing that stuns other players and audiences alike with his strong right-handed approach and his deadly shots.

“There was this connection with my energy on the court with a racquet. When I was five, I did try other sports like swimming and soccer but squash was the one I got attached to. It filled up this gap in me and it was my dad who introduced me to it. I loved it instantly,” explained Ramy Ashour.

Ramy Ashour is a professional squash player from Egypt, who reached the World Number 1 status at 22 years old in 2010, after having defeated Nick Matthew in the 2009 Saudi International Squash Tournament Finals. Currently reigning as the World Champion, Ramy Ashour has won numerous titles including the World Open, British Open, Kuwait PSA Cup, Egyptian National Cup and many others.

“Playing Ramy was nothing like I have ever experienced before. His pace and his speed are unmatched. He kept me running back and forth the court and you can feel your lungs on the verge of exploding from all that exercise. I am so blessed to have been able to compete against him, as it is not everyday that the World Number 1 player is here. I enjoyed every moment of it,” commented Samuel Kang on his match experience with the world’s top squash player.

“It is an honour to be able to play alongside Ramy. His pace is so much faster and tighter and his shots are so good that it makes it so hard to keep up. I think Ramy’s skills go further than any of the Top Ten players,” said Timothy Leong.

As the night came to an end, Ramy Ashour took the time to answer some of the audiences’ questions and rounded it off with an autograph session.

When asked about his love for this sport, Ramy Ashour said, “It is the competition. How two minds are chasing each other and playing games. It can be funny, interesting, thrilling and it is healthy. But most of all it is the drug of winning. Once you’ve been there, you’ll never stop trying to acquire it again.”

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