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Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013 is back bigger and better

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From left, Stephane Henchoz (Liverpool Legend), Ray Parlour (EPL All-Stars Legend), Paul Parker (Manchester United Legend) and V. Sundramoorthy (Singapore Legend). (Photo by VOXSPORTS)

The Masters Football Sixes Singapore Cup 2013 is back again this year and will be held on the 20th of October 2013 at Kallang Indoor Stadium. The four teams that will be competing in the event will be the EPL All Stars, Manchester United Legends, Liverpool Legends and our home team of veteran players, the Singapore Legends.

Last year, Masters Football Sixes held tournaments at six Asian countries and one of them was Singapore. Nearly 8,000 fans turned up last year at the inaugural event and the organisers of Masters Football have planned to step it up a notch this year.

Steve Black, Director of Masters Football Asia announced with much gusto that there will be more international players coming down to play for the three foreign teams. Despite the players on the teams not being confirmed till approximately a month before the tournament, fans will be expecting to see big names playing. Other than that, the event in October will be the first event of the newly rebranded, Masters Sixes. The players will be playing two eight-minute halves with six-a-side teams. A change that has been made from the event in 2012 is that instead of having ten players per team, there will only be eight players, decreasing the number of reserve players by two. The real challenge in this tournament is for the players’ physique to be in tip-top condition despite already being in retirement.

“Age wise, we’re getting older every year. It’s getting more difficult but I think eight players are sufficient for this tournament because the playing time is not that long.We can rotate the players since it’s rolling substitutions. It will be a great tournament,” V Sundramoorthy, Singaporean soccer legend and current coach for our national team, the Lions X11, shared without hesitation. Veteran players from the European teams may be retired but they get their fair share of competition now and then, like when Ray Parlour, playing for the EPL All Stars, came out of retirement just last year to play for Wembley F.C.

The Singapore veterans, however, have not had any serious competition ever since their retirement but they sure have their fair share of soccer every week to ensure they keep fit.

“We play regular games and we have ex-national team weekend games as well, even futsal. Quite frequent, about three times a week we’re kicking ball, just keeping ourselves fit,” V. Sundramoorthy added on when asked how often he trains.

The Singapore Legends team has not been confirmed as well but the national team coach has assured the Singapore fans that the team will be relatively the same as last year’s, with the exception of one or two players.

“Our local team managed to get to the finals of last year’s Masters Football tournament and it was a close fight between the EPL All Stars and our veterans. Unfortunately, in the end, we lost the title by two goals with a final score of 5-3.”

V.Sundramoorthy had no reservations on letting the European legends know that his team will be a force to reckon with this year during the press conference. When asked on what were his expectations for the tournament this year, he exclaimed, “We will do our best so we can win the competition.”

Relive the action from last year's event. 
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