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Game for life: the pioneering paddler

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Shanghai-born Jing Junhong moved to Singapore for love but ended up sparking a table tennis renaissance here. The Singapore chapter of

Junhong’s life began in 1992, when she relocated here to marry local paddler and SEA Games individual gold medallist, Loy Soo Han.

The national women’s team coach has never been daunted by the ups and downs in life – thanks to everything the sport of table tennis has taught her. In her formative years, even when she lost a table tennis match, she would persevere. 

“I used to cry bitterly in the school toilet after losing a game, but soon learned to face up to it. I told myself it’s all right to lose, but I must figure out what went wrong and return to the court a better player.” And she did.

The above is an excerpt from “Game For Life”, a book that chronicles the journeys of 25 Singaporeans whose lives have been made extraordinary through sport. To read more about Junhong among other inspiring stories of hope and achievement, get your copy of “Game for Life” for just SGD$ 20 from SSC’s Sports Library located at 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799.

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