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Shooting for success

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With the Singapore Open Shooting Championships 2013 closing on another successful year, takes a look at how successful and popular shooting in Singapore has become. 

The sport of shooting involves tests of accuracy and speed using various forms of fire-arms, air guns and even archery. The categories seen in competitions are usually based on the type of fire-arm and the distance of the target. The standard fire-arms that are used both locally and internationally are the pistol, the shotgun and the rifle. 

Efforts in increasing the awareness of shooting as a sport have been rather muffled in the past due to the limistations of training facilities. This was certainly a factor that kept many interested people from taking part in the sport that they loved.

“Nowadays, efforts to get more people into shooting have definitely stepped up compared to the past because it was difficult to get people started on the sport due to various limitations,” commented Abel Lim, a bronze medallist shooter from the Asian Youth Games that took place in Singapore back in 2009. 

However, all this has changed because efforts have definitely been stepped up in procuring more talent for the sport. Various avenues such as the Singapore Gun Club, SAFRA Shooting Club, SAFSA Shooting Club and various other openings have been opened and been actively recruiting more interested participants to pick up the sport. Some of these clubs have even introduced a junior section for the younger participants to have a hand in the sport as well.

Shooting as a CCA

One of the main reasons why shooting has suddenly become a rapidly growing sport in Singapore is due to the introduction of the sport in schools. Shooting has been incorporated as co-curricular activities (CCA) in various primary, secondary and even college level institutions, cultivating the interest from a young age.

The reason for implementing the sport in schools as a CCA is mainly because of the growing interest among youths. Their interest mainly stems from exposure to the usage of guns in action movies and series. The portrayal of guns in a ‘cool’ fashion has urged the young to pick up the sport. 

“I guess it’s every boy’s ambition to pick up a gun at a point of time in his life because of the cool factor as seen in the movies. It was what pushed me to join the CCA in secondary school in the first place; I never looked back once and now that’s here I am today,” said Abel Lim. 
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