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SCMS 2013 registration hits the ground running

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Some of the registrants for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2013 began queing from as early as 8.30am the previous day (photo by Cassandra M Tan/VOXSPORTS).

Singapore’s marquee running event, the Standard Chartered Marathon (SCMS) 2013, has hit the ground running before the event has even started. With registration officially opening last Thursday, 4 July, event organizers say this year’s edition has already seen 20,000 slots snapped up within the first 4 days of registration. 

The 2,000 additional slots set aside for the 21km half marathon, the SCMS 2013 is expected to reach a figure of 62,000 participants altogether. Thursday’s registration saw 300 slots for the ever-popular 42.195km Ekiden team race snapped up within forty minutes. 

Ever since its inaugural year in 2002, the SCMS has been growing in popularity. Not only has the marathon see an influx of new participants each year, but also a constant returning traffic as past years’ runners return for the new edition, and this year appears to be no different.

Jeremy Lim, a participant of the 42.195km category the year before, is back to relish a half marathon this year. Lim feels that taking part in the Standard Chartered Marathon, which is the largest running event in Singapore, allows a greater exposure and also serves as an annual fitness check to individuals. Not only that, the yearly experience of indulging in the run with the crowd helps to keep his passion for running, alive. 

Mascots combined: Nila, the Sporting Singapore mascot, links up with his Standard Chartered Bank counterpart (photo by Cassandra M Tan).

Lim sees the half marathon as an in between distance that is not as grueling as the 42.195km but still a challenge.
“All in all, the 21km category would be ideal to many as it’s much more worth the value and it also allows runners to outdo themselves at the same time,” Lim said.

Travis Goh, who was in the Standard Chartered Marathon scene from 2009-2010, was also back for a challenge in the Ekiden team race.
“Basically for me, I want to have an achievement every year, so (this year) I’ll be running two marathons.”

Enthusiasm among the participants was already buzzing at the registration at The Event Square, Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay. Over 2,500 people had signed up on the spot by the end of the registration at 4pm. The earliest participant, Raymond Tan, had already been in the queue since 8.30am the day before the registration. 

Well organized 

“I’ve been in the Standard Chartered Marathon for many years. I enjoy the run, and it’s well-organised,” said Tan.

Officiating the event was Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong, who, together with Mr Richard Seow, Chairman, SSC; Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, SSC; and Mr Ray Ferguson, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore.

Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Community, Culture and Youth shakes hands with Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO of SSC. Both were present to officiate the opening of SCMS 2013's registration event (photo by Cassandra M Tan).

The Standard Chartered Marathon 2013 will be using its widespread influence in benefitting SportsCares, a new philanthropic organisation dedicated to use sport as a force for social good. With every participation’s registration fee comes a $2 fee to SportsCares, in the hope of raising at least $100,000, which will go toward SportsCares’ programmes and activities for underprivileged children and youth at risk. 

“SportCares was set up to improve access and opportunities for people who lacked the resources to participate in and grow through well-designed sport,” said Mr Lim Teck Yin, “with the money raised, we will be able to do more through our SportCares’ programmes to help people push beyond the limits of their experience and discover their true potential.”
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