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Propnex best corporate kart racers for 2013

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The iFast Corporate Karting Challenge Grand Finals took place at Kartright Speedway on 27 July, with Propnex emerging as corporate champions. (photo by Alan Gwee)

The iFast Singapore Corporate Karting Challenge, an annual corporate go-kart event, took place this year on the 27th of July at the Kartright Speedway racetracks. The 2013 Grand Finals saw a total of thirteen teams, all of which have gone through three elimination rounds prior to the grand finals. The teams consisted of racers from corporations such as Bar Bar Black Sheep, Fullerton, ICF International, iFast Team A, iFast Team B, ITE West Super Workshop, Propnex, Ray Alliance, Sing Capital, Sunnic, Team Laguna Unicorn and Verizon. 

A four-hour endurance race was what determined the final champions of this year’s corporate race. It was truly a neck-to-neck race as racers fought to outdo their opponents, but eventually team Propnex emerged as the overall champions, walking away with a grand cash prize of $4,000. iFast Team A came in second, closely behind Propnex with just a mere 0.168 seconds difference in timing. 

The champions, a group of four real estate agents and amateur racers, are none other than Tan Lee Tong Kelvin, Nizam Gafoor, Norman Koh and Eric Low, who erupted in a crackle of cheer as the prizes were presented to them at the closing ceremony. With the support of loved ones and under the guidance from team manager, Jimmy Loh and Propnex CEO, Mohammed Ismail, the Propnex team managed to make it through the preliminaries and emerge victorious. 

Internal competition

Propnex certainly hadn’t been taking this race lightly. Prior to the Corporate Karting Challenge, an internal go-kart competition was held to determine the company’s four best drivers to form the team for the corporate race.

“We came in the last starting grid position because of a penalty and ended up winning the race. It was only possible because the team of drivers were so focused and determined,” said Mohammed Ismail, CEO of Propnex. 

Tan clocked the fastest time in the Propnex team at 43.018 seconds. When asked why he joined karting, he answered jokingly, “I just follow instructions,” 

The weather conditions did not make it any easier for the drivers. The early afternoon saw cold winds and constant drizzle, making the track wet and slippery. 

“We started the race with the rain, so it was not a pleasant start. I struggled with kart on the track but all that was in my mind was to be consistent, be focused and just enjoy the race,” expressed Nizam Gafoor. 

“We won simply because of teamwork, despite being amateur drivers. We had the right strategies and we are proud of the drivers and the company. I think overall this is a very well organised event. We have been supporting this event for the past three years and will continue to do so,” commented Mohammed Ismail. 

No race is complete without its eye candy. (photo by Alan Gwee)
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