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Z1 Floorball Showdown: PIXBO claim victory

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PIXBO's men's team romped to 10-6 success, even with the world's best floorball player Johan Samuelsson playing for the Singapore side (photo by Lee Jingyi/SSC).

The Z-1 Floorball Showdown finally came to an end with the PIXBO men’s team reinstating their claim to victory with a score of 10-6, even with the best player in the world, Johan Samuelsson, playing for the Singapore side.

That is not to say that the Singapore floorball men’s team did not contribute their fair share of remarkable play. It was a night where cultures integrated with the Singaporeans and Swedish uniting to play against their own fellowmen. Needless to say, it was stick-wielding aggression, roughhousing fun and world-class goals that stole the audience’s breath away. Whoever said that floorball was a gentle game must have been living under a rock.

The Singapore floorball women’s team also had their time of fun as they played alongside the PIXBO women’s team. There was certainly no mercy shown among the “weaker sex” and they ensured a hard time was given to their opponents.

“The game was very fast-paced and they (PIXBO) would just chase for every ball,” said Mindy Lim, a player from the Singapore team.
Day 1 of the showdown ushered in the floorball atmosphere, and that leaked over to Day 2. While Day 2 had been all fun and games, there was no doubt that the pressure had been on for the Singapore team on Day 1, especially since they were playing against the number one club in the world, PIXBO.

The women’s team had been shocked from the start at the immediate aggression of the PIXBO team, but the shock had eventually died down and they picked up the pace of the game. Their defense had managed to slow down the opponents slightly, but PIXBO did not hesitate to push harder. Two goals by Singapore No. 51 Hui Hui Ong not only earned her the approval of the crowd, but also the best player of the night for the Singapore side. It had been a win for the Swedish team. The score was 16-2.

Singapore Surprise

Surprising the crowd was the Singapore men’s team who had maintained a small gap between them and the PIXBO players until midway of the second third when the Swedish team fired in seven shots. It had been a David and Goliath situation for the teams with PIXBO having the giant physique and Singapore the giant courage. It was No. 24 Enrico who aced the highlight shot that night for the Singapore team when he feigned right and fooled the opponent goalkeeper. Taking advantage of the situation, Enrico switched directions and upped the score within a split second. He too earned the best player of the night alongside No. 14 Henrik Quist of PIXBO.

As the Z-1 Floorball Showdown concluded, Samuelsson grins and leaves a word of encouragement for the Singaporean floorball players, “It’s all about practising, maybe sometimes take your eyes off the ball and just stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Push yourself and practise hard.”
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