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Game for life: going for glory

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71-year-old former national sprinter Glory Barnabas is best known for her stunning 200m victory at the 1973 Southeast Asian Peninsular (SEAP) Games. Then 31, she was making her comeback after a two-year break from athletics.

Over the years, Glory won some, and lost some. But whenever she lost, she did not despair. “Of course I’ve lost many times. But I always consoled myself that my turn would come another time. Then, instead of beating myself up, I would go straight back into training.”

For Glory though, it’s never just about winning medals. She explains her motivation for participating in running even today: “I’ve seen runners who are over 90-years old, and that really inspires me. Sport should be a means of keeping fit and staying healthy, and that’s why I hope to run for as long as I can.”

The above is an excerpt from “Game For Life”, a book that chronicles the journeys of 25 Singaporeans whose lives have been made extraordinary through sport. To read more about Glory among other inspiring stories of hope and achievement, get your copy of “Game for Life” for just SGD$ 20 from SSC’s Sports Library located at 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799.

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