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SSC launches 'Game for Life' toolkit

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SSC and SMU teamed up to launch the "Game for Life" toolkit, which provides a carefully designed framework infused with sports for leadership and character development for the youth (photo by John Yeong/SSC).

Singapore, 28 May 2013 - Singapore’s youth will be able to leverage on a “Game for Life” toolkit that teaches character and leadership development through sport.

The special toolkit is borne out of Singapore Sports Council’s (SSC) partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU), and seeks to use life lessons to impart important values to young people.

Speaking at the inaugural Leadership Symposium held at SMU yesterday, Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Indranee Rajah said, “In education, sports play a key role in developing our young minds. It teaches us not only on how to become leaders, but also times when we are asked to follow in order to work as a team.”

As part of the programme, SSC launched a “Game for Life” book, that documents inspiring stories of 25 Singaporeans who have transformed normal lives into extraordinary achievements through sport.

Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, having a chat with a primary school student at the Leadership Symposium (photo by John Yeong/SSC).

Character and Leadership Development

"Game for Life" also provides a framework with practical approaches, and uses game activities and role learning for character and leadership development.

Said Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO of SSC, “We recognise the power of sport and through a intentional and deliberate design of sporting activities to infuse character and leadership values, much more can be achieved.”

SSC will roll out the toolkit to the corporate sector starting from June 2013, while the “Game for Life” book is now available at the SSC Library located at SSC’s Headquarters.

To find out more about the Game for Life toolkit, visit this link.

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