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Sports fun in the sun: SunNUS 2013

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This year's SunNUS consisted a mix of fringe events to complement the main activities, bringing together tertiary students from beyond NUS (photo by Lee Jingyi).

With much of the motivation coming from getting exposure to different kinds of sports and also cultural integration, the turn up for the inaugural SunNUS 2013: Sandsation was certainly not lacking with over 700 participants. 

“It(the event) brings a lot of culture together and you get to meet a lot of new people and new friends,” said Venkatesh Hr, one of the many participants, with a laugh, “you also get to know who’s good at what.”

It was not just all sun and waves; Siloso beach was packed with participants who not only hailed from the National University of Singapore (NUS) but also other colleges and tertiary institutes. The weather did not look too promising from the start and served as a setback for the events, but the participants soldiered through the rain and played on, all in the name of sports. 

This year’s SunNUS consisted a mix of fringe events and main events. The fringe events were activities for people to participate in when they were not occupied with their main events. A popular fringe activity was bossaball, which interestingly enough, combines the skills of football and volleyball, and is also played on a huge inflatable platform. Main events encompassed Touch Rugby, Beach Football, Frisbee, Captain’s Ball, Beach Volleyball, and Dodgeball. With such a wide variety of sports being played, there was no doubt that participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

“One thing is you can draw people all over the place, definitely not only from NUS but from other places as well, so I think it’s quite a wholesome event,” said Goh Eng Wei, participant in the Captain’s Ball event.

When asked about their choice of sport, Frisbee players Chloe Le and Imelda Lim revealed that the sport is surprisingly much dependent on mental strength.

“Even when you’re down, you’ve just got to continue for the game, the team and for yourself,” Lim mentioned determinedly. 

As the vigour of the day died down along with the sun, local bands like Take Two and Smoking Marshalls took the stage to serenade the remaining participants just before the prize presentation. The night concluded with the long awaited beach pageant that included four “babes” and “hunks” who unabashedly strutted their stuff on stage.  
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