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SMU turns nocturnal

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Participants of the SMU AdRace pose for the cameras, the event is organised by SMU X-tremists Club (photo by Kesavan Loganathan/VOXSPORTS).

Multi-disciplinary sports events is fast making its way to the top as the most participated sport event by Singaporean youths. What exactly is this new phenomenon?

Multi-disciplinary sports events basically refer to events that have more than one form of sports involved within a single trail. Marathons are fast becoming a phase of the past while duathlons and triathlons are gaining popularity among the sporting masses.

Over the weekend, the Singapore Management University (SMU) organised its fourth installment of the SMU AdRace, an adventure trail that took place overnight from 4th to 5th May. Organized by the SMU X-tremists Club, the SMU AdRace 2013 had as many as 125 participants, making up a total of 44 teams – their largest intake so far.

Bervyn Lee, Director of SMU’s Office of Student Life, shared his thoughts on just what exactly is the appeal of multi-disciplinary sports, “Sports take on many different forms. Traditional sports such as football, rugby or swimming will continue to attract a crowd of its own, but as time progresses, people would want a different kind of adrenaline rush. Events like the SMU AdRace tests on the different kinds of skills and disciplines of an athlete, and that will ultimately appeal to the new generation of athletes.”

Covering a total distance of 38 kilometres over a period of seven hours, the SMU AdRace 2013 featured a total of five different sports elements – cycling, running, rock climbing, swimming and skating. These were further segregated into four categories, namely the Lovers’ Chase, BFF Junior Edition, BFF Senior Edition and the Open Rush, participants were kept in the dark as to the actual route of the trail.

“At first, I didn’t know what I was in for. My friends were the ones who introduced me to the race. So a whole bunch of us, all SMU students, joined. We thought that it would be quite relaxing but it turned out to be quite challenging,” remarked Tong Kah Haw, a student of SMU who participated in the race. “It’s mentally challenging as well because there are a lot of obstacles to go through. At certain points we became so tired that everything turned dull. But it’s a good workout,” he added.

From Fort Canning to streets of Chinatown, past Marina Barrage and through SMU, participants were put to a test of physical and mental endurance. However, these were not the only challenges faced by the racers. Grace Goh, a participant in the SMU AdRace 2013, commented, “I think the most important part is the team effort that is required of us in order to clear the obstacles. I feel that the race focused more on team unity and working around each other’s strengths and weaknesses to complete the game.”

“It was fun but at some points frustrating. It’s mentally challenging and also physically challenging because the race took place over the night and our body is just not used to that kind of condition”, said Muhammad Huzaifah Bin Jais, a first-time participant of the SMU AdRace. 

As morning approached, the first batch of teams came bursting through the finishing line exhausted but with huge smiles of victory. Even though some teams did not complete all the stations, they were just as proud of themselves to have made it back in time.

“I joined this AdRace because I wanted to push myself. I have never participated in such events that involve various aspects of sports before, which is why I decided to give AdRace a try. It turned out to be a really good experience”, said Nur Zahira Binte Abdul Rahman, a regular marathon runner. 

The SMU AdRace 2013 wrapped up with a prize presentation on the morning of 5th May, awarding the victorious teams for their well-deserved wins. As the ceremony came to an end, participants walked away exhausted but full of pride and accomplishment for having complete the entire race.

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