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Singapore will host the SEA Games from 5-16 June in 2015, 22 years on after the country last hosted the regional Games in 1993 (photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/SSC).

by Cassandra M Tan

Singapore, 30 May 2013 - Singapore will play host to the 28th Southeast Asian Games from 5th June to 16th June 2015. Making the announcement at a press conference held at the Singapore Sports Council's headquarters was Chairman of the Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) Mr Lim Teck Yin, who also confirmed there would be about 30 sports involved for the 2015 Games.

Mr Lim explained that breaking away from the usual tradition of placing the Games towards the end of the year was due to several considerations that had been weighed beforehand. Dates were set to avoid the typical monsoon season that occurs during the year-end period, while SINGSOC also wanted the Games to avoid clashing with the Ramadan fasting month. De-conflicting the Games from other major events happening in Singapore like the National Day in August, the Formula One in September and Final Exams at the start of October were also cited to be other reasons taken into consideration. 

While the exact list of 30 sports has yet to be finalised, SINGSOC hopes to incorporate other types of sports that may have not been featured in the Olympics, including urban sports and popular regional sports such as dragonboat. The list will be finalised after further discussions with overseas SEA Games Committees. 

Accommodation for the Games will follow a “village in the City” concept where athletes will be housed together to encourage bonding and team building. The athletes will be clustered together in hotels around the city in order to keep them close to the facilities, many of which will be centered around the Sports Hub in Kallang that will open early next year. The motivation behind this is to promote the use of the city offerings, creating an environment that both the locals and guests can enjoy together.

Chairman Lim stated that 2015 SEA Games should align itself with VISION 2030. “It should be a journey into the games and also what we see beyond the Games.”

SINGSOC Chairman Mr Lim Teck Yin says SEA Games 2015 is not an end in itself, but rather part of Singapore's bigger goal in Vision 2030 to Live Better Through Sport (photo by Cassandra M Tan).

Fostering Ownership of the Games

“We believe that this cannot simply be something that is undertaken by the Singapore Sports Council and other public agencies, and that only a small segment of Singaporeans are looking forward to it and enjoying it,” Chairman Lim said. 

The aim is to have Singaporeans come together to understand what will be coming their way in 2015 and get ready for it. Not only will they rally the Games and be part of it, but they will also want to become good hosts for the guests. The inspiration is to engage Singaporeans and have them support the Team Singapore athletes, not just before and during the Games but also after the Games.

The idea is to create more opportunities for Singaporeans to enjoy more sports and offer them something to look forward to and support the national team.

Beyond owning the games among the locals, SINGSOC also hopes to be able to engage our Southeast Asian neighbours to be part of this initiative to get them more involved in the Games as a whole.
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