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S'pore Karting Championships off to roaring start

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The 2013 Singapore Karting Championships got off to a roaring start with Rounds 1 and 2 happening over the weekend at Changi Karting Circuit (photo by Lee Jingyi/VOXSPORTS).

Engines Revved as Singapore Karting Championships 2013 Kicks Off

27th April 2013 marked the return of the Singapore Karting Championships, which was held at the brand new Changi Karting circuit. Round 1 and Round 2 were set to go off over the weekend as participants of all ages and from all over Singapore came together to compete in 5 different categories offered in the annual competition to come out with the rights to be named as the fastest on the track. 

Having only started off 2 years ago, this annual competition is one of the only few motorsports events that has really managed to root itself in the country’s sports structure and has gone on to pull off successful the event successfully for the past 2 years and SKC’s sponsors keen to make it a third success.  

The day started somewhat gloomily fully because of the weather taking a turn for the worse as rain had fallen just before the practice rounds making the track very wet and giving the racers another headache to worry about because they now had to have the skill and technique to manoeuvre around a slippery track.

As mentioned earlier, the event was circled around 5 main categories; the Cadet, Junior, Senior, Master and Veteran.  The Cadet category consisted of children from the age of 8-12 years old. The Junior section hosted youth from the age of 13-15 with the senior section taking the young adults from the age from 15-35 years old. The Master and Veteran segments took the 30-45 and 45+ age groups respectively. 

The races were intense in all the categories as each and every racer showed their fitness, dexterity and skill in the kart. The event also proved to be a very good learning experience for the young riders because they were exposed to the veterans of the sport which was good exposure and promised a great future for the young kart riders should they continue to pursue their passion in Kart racing.

The weather, however, threatened to take a turn for the worse once more but fortunately the final event of the day went by without any delays and disruptions because of the weather, as it only started to pour just after the prize presentations.

The organizers did very well in getting the track ready and keeping the event going without much delay even with the weather working against them. At the end of the day, it was another successful start to the 2013 campaign for the Singapore carting championships with every participant and spectator clearly enjoying the annual event. 

Finally, as per all competitions there were winners in all 5 categories. These winners definitely showed that they had that special something to come away with the top spot finishes. Here are the results of the round 1 and round 2 of the SKCs: 

Singapore Karting Championships Round 1

Cadets Final
1st No. 698 William Austen
2nd No. 697 Samuel Austen
3rd No. 465 Dylan Roger Bondi
4th No. 443 Dominic Quek 
5th No. 25 Russel Arvin Sathanantham 
6th No. 575 Alex Brown
7th No. 618 Daljit Singh
8th No. 180 Jayden Jin De
9th No. 715 Ethan Tan 

Juniors Final
1st No. 93 Glenn Chiam
2nd No. 277 Javier Chng 
3rd No. 410 Sasint Kongpatanakul
4th No. 101 Hariharan Elavarsu
5th No. 428 Pavan Ravishankar
6th No. 186 Nicholas Cook
7th No. 699 Lucas Maistre
8th No. 14 Jonathan Williams
9th No. 826 Oscar Ruiz

Seniors Final
1st No. 444 Randall Ng Yen Hui
2nd No. 228 Ben Chen Sze Ming
3rd No. 708 Thaddeus Lee
4th No.  825 Yeo Hong Yang 
5th No. 126 Amin Noorzilian
6th No.  975 Arvin Esmaeilli

Masters Final
1st No. 818 Kenneth John Smith
2nd No. 241 Gary Koh
3rd No. 68 Yap Kheng Weng
4th No. 635 John Gaw
5th No. 26 Eric Ho
6th No. 121 Ong Kian Leong
7th No. 389 Keith Tan
8th No. 388 Peter Chua
9th No. 382 Jason Bay
10th No. 77 Jens Becker 
11th No. 202 Wu Jun Wei 
12th No. 717 Daniel Rein Ooi
13th No. 333 Lim Keong Wee
14th No. 36 Ryan Chua Zhao Qing
15th No. 550 Benjamin Tay 
16th No. 468 Lemna Parvini Sani

Veterans Final
1st No. 61 Benjamin Goh
2nd No. 139 Leon Khoo
3rd No. 1 Lee Lung nien
4th No.  271 Michael Robson
5th No. 677 Constant Van Aerschot
6th No.  212 Peng Malakul
7th No.  118 Steven Chen
8th No.  140 Lim Chung Chun
9th No. 317 Oliver Denis 
10th No. 806 Low Chian Ming
11th No. 953 John McGregor
12th No. 230 Geoffrey Ganshof

Singapore Karting Championships Round 2 

Cadets Final
1st No. 575 Alex Brown
2nd No. 697 Samuel Austen
3rd No. 180 Jayden Jin De
4th No.  443 Dominic Quek
5th No. 698 William Austen
6th No. 465 Dylan Roger Bondi
7th No.  618 Daljit Singh 
8th No.  715 Ethan Tan
9th No.  25 Russel Arvin Sathantham

Juniors Final
1st No. 127 Rory Elliot
2nd No. 93 Glenn Chiam
3rd No. 277 Javier Chng
4th No.  186 Nicholas Cook
5th No. 410 Sasint Kongpatanakul
6th No.  Hariharan Elavarsu
7th No.  Pavan Ravishankar
8th No.  Oscar Ruiz
9th No. Ethan Goodman

Seniors Final
1st No. 126 Amin Noorzilan
2nd No.  228 Ben Chen Sze Ming
3rd No. 444 Randall Ng Yen Hui
4th No.  975 Arvin Esmaeili

Masters Final
1st No. 818 Kenneth John Smith
2nd No. 181 David Roger Bondi
3rd No. 635 John Gaw
4th No. 68 Yap Kheng Weng 
5th No. 388 Peter Chua
6th No.  202 Wu Jun Wei
7th No.  36 Ryan Chua Zhao Qing
8th No.  382 Jason Bay
9th No. 121 Ong Kian Leong
10th No. 241 Gary Koh
11th No. 389 Keith Tan
12th No. 468 Lemna Parvini Sani
13th No. 333 Lim Keong Wee
14th No. 26 Eric Ho
15th No. 717 Daniel Rein Ooi
16th No. 550 Benjamin Tay
17th No. 828 Giuseppe Gitto

Veterans Final
1st No.  271 Michael Robson
2nd No. 139 Leon Khoo
3rd No. 838 Duncan Nursery
4th No. 677 Constant Van Aerschot
5th No. 61  Benjamin Goh
6th No.  212 Peng Malakul
7th No.  317 Oliver Denis
8th No.  140 Lim Chung Chun
9th No. 806 Low Chian Ming
10th No. 242 David Chin
11th No. 230 Geoffrey Ganshof
12th No. 1 Lee Lung Nien
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