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Metasprint kids steal the show

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The 2013 Metasprint triathlon took place at Changi Beach yesterday morning. The participants and spectators were treated to the beautiful sunny weather and calm seas, perfect for a triathlon. 

The highlight of the event was almost close to noon, when kids between the ages of 8 to 11 got to the beach to start their triathlon consisting of a 150m swim, 5km cycle and 1.5km run. When asked on how she felt on her 8 year old son competing, Mrs Janice Leong commented, “This is not the first time he’s competing so I think it will be a great race for him and for everybody.” All eyes were set on the kids as proud parents and spectators watched them dive into the open ocean. 

The first kid out of the water was Matthew David Trott. He was out within three minutes and was dashing across the beach, throwing his goggles and swim cap away as he prepares for the cycle. It was no shock when he beat all the other 143 kids and came in first at a time of twenty two minutes and sixteen seconds. He also held the record for the fastest cyclist in this category.

In second place was one Emma Middleditch. It was a close fight for her and Matthew for the first place as she was constantly on his tail but she was at a disadvantage during the cycle as she finished two minutes later than Matthew. Fastest runner and fastest swimmer in the kids category goes to Archie Yuki Cannon and Caleb Mcmahon Jones.

The event also had a kids’ triathlon relay. They would work in groups of three and each one would do a part of the triathlon.  Despite only having two groups in the relay, team Longhorns wiped out their competition, team Ggo, by finishing more than five minutes ahead of them.

A youth group was also available for young competitors who’ve passed the age of 11. The group was for participants aged from 12 to 15 but they covered a 250m swim, 10km cycle and 2.5km run, which was the same distance covered by adults in the discovery group. The youngsters showed extreme resilience as the fastest in this category; Tim Hagemeister actually completed the race faster than the older participants at a timing of 34 minutes and 6 seconds.

The sprint and discovery groups were for competitors above the age of 16.Both Aj Anderson and Glenn Victor from the 16-39 age group topped the respective divisions.
The event ended with a prize presentation ceremony that sadly was interrupted by a heavy storm that graced the end of the event.
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