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JPMCC 2013: Ms S'pore Universe runs for cause

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Former Ms Singapore Universe Ms Lynn Tan's thoughs on helping the handicapped intergrate better into society and her love for dogs explained her choice for running to raise funds for the Singapore Guide Dogs Association for the Blind (photo by Cassandra M Tan/VOXSPORTS).

Ex Miss Singapore Universe (2012) Lynn Tan will be running in the upcoming JP Morgan Challenge 2013 to raise funds for the Singapore Guide Dogs Association for the Blind (GDAB), a cause she is clearly passionate about.  

Tan was all prepped up for the pre-interview at the Deloitte Office as she donned her running attire and maintained a winning smile throughout the time we were with her. 

When asked about her decision to support the particular association, she attributed it to how she felt that it was necessary to help the less fortunate to integrate into society, coupled with her love for dogs. The association also holds a special place in her heart because she understands how it feels like to be unable to participate in many activities just because of a handicap.

“Growing up, my mother was hearing-impaired, and I felt it excluded her from many activities that she could otherwise have done,” she said.
To prepare for the upcoming run, she trains at the hill behind her home. Her usual exercise routine also includes going to the gym to lift weights. 

“I have a gold star in swimming, and when I was a kid, I used to take up martial arts,” she added with a grin. 

To Tan, a complete runner has to be in the right state of mind by giving his or her A game and staying very focused with the determination to win. Tan would be one to know, having lost a good amount of weight from her early years as a teenager. Her determination had her waking up early in the morning at 7.30am to run a 2.4km daily. 

“I think that the mental game is just as important as the physical game,” she said.

She brought up her own motivation when asked what would inspire people who disliked running to take up the sport. 

“How I motivate myself is, I look into the mirror and think of a picture of how I would like to look like, “ she said, “and with that mental image, I’ll go to the gym and hit the treadmill. “

All eyes will be on Tan as she runs in the JP Morgan Challenge 2013 this Thursday, 18 April.
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