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International skaters wow JCube crowd

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Team Singapore's Phil Anthony Labramonte Razo gets the inside track on his opponent at the ISU World Development Trophy 2013 (photo by Darren Ho/VOXSPORTS) 

The International Skating Union (ISU) held one third of the World Development Trophy here in Singapore at JCube shopping centre. The short track speed skating event welcomed countries such as Argentina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Singapore and many more. 

The event stretched out across the day and fans spread across the rink and the mall had a treat from the skaters as they competed in categories ranging from the 2000m relays to the 500m singles. The heats took place in the morning as skaters competed to start on the inner most lane during the semi-finals and finals. 

The participants competed in a total of six categories. There were the D girls and boys junior division, the C girls and boys junior division and the overall ladies and men junior division. Winners came from almost all the countries that participated but the highlight would be on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Ri Ji Ryon and India’s Prathik Mandyam as they were the overall champions for the ladies and men junior divisions.

Team Singapore did a fantastic job as well. Four of our competitors had overall podium finishes while others won medals for individual events. When asked on how team Singapore performed, Matthew Mak, who came in second for the overall junior men division answered, “I think Team Singapore performed very well in this competition. We all managed to do our best, reach our maximum abilities and win whatever we could.”

ISU also added an element of healthy competition to the event. The 2000m relay was not done typically where individual countries go against each other. Instead, the countries were randomly mixed and competitors from different countries become teammates to form a greater sense of camaraderie. They definitely kept to the event’s tagline of “Short Track to Global Friendships” 

The event was successful in all aspects as participants won medals for individual events and even broke personal best records.  Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, Mr Lawrence Wong graced the event and was at the podium himself to congratulate the winners.

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