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Inter Poly wakeboarding sets new waves

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Students from Republic and Temasek Polytechnics rode the waves in the SWWF's National Inter-Poly Wakeboard championships. (photo by Darren Ho/VOXSPORTS) 

The sun was out, and the cool breeze only meant the weather was perfect for some competitive wake boarding. 

The National Inter-Poly Wakeboarding Championships roared to life at the Bedok Reservoir on the 4th of April 2013. Wake boarders from two distinguished polytechnics, Temasek Poly and Republic Poly came together to compete in the prestigious competition.  A world-renowned wake boarder, Sasha Christian, also graced the competition.  

“The event has been good. I think it’s a good concept to have polys compete against each other and hopefully we can get more next year. Yeah, it’s a fun competition and this kind of competition actually pushes everybody!” said a clearly excited Sasha. 

All the attending wake boarders looked fired up and were all ready to impress the judges with their slick moves and showcase their cunning, whilst surfing the waves of the reservoir. 

The competition was held in sections, which were separated by Gender starting off from the women and men’s heats, from which the winners would progress into the semis and the finals.  It was further categorized into three sections; the novice, intermediate and the free rid.

Competition Organizer and judge, Paul Fong, also mentioned his excitement and the reasons why such a competition was organized and why it was important for this generation’s youth. 

“Well, when I was in University, I competed in the Inter-varsity events, and I think it was a lot of fun because of we were able to establish a lot of good networking amongst our friends.”

“Here I believe that, these young kids are on the verge of becoming working adults and this will be a good experience for them to deal with pressure, deal with demands of competition before they go into the real world. 

Although it was a competition between the polys, both teams were very supportive of each other and even cheered and got behind the opponent team’s wake boarders to spur them on. 

As the day progressed, the wake boarders had to battle not only the fatigue that came with wake boarding, but the changing weather as well. However, the hardworking wake-boarders persevered even after enduring choppy waters and strong currents. 

One of the leading wake-boarders, Adiel Adnan, was very pleased with the organization of the event and how it went. 

“So far, it has been a good event, with the weather and stuff. Not raining and not too hot as well. Hopefully it stays thorough-out. And we also have good music down here, great company and even when we’re from different schools but we still hang out together because after all we all train at the same venue.”

Reknowned wakeboarder Sasha Christian took top spot for the Women's Free Ride category. (photo by Darren Ho/VOXSPORTS)

The results came soon after a fun yet gruelling day of wakeboarding. Topping the men’s novice finals were Chua Kia Wei from TP with a score of 38.21 and coming as a close second was Rajpal Singh Dhillion from TP with a score of 35.67. The third position went to Kenneth Teo from TP with a score of 34.43. 

The results for the Men’s Intermediate finals were released as well, with Sherman Song from TP topping the charts with a score of 46.45. Coming in second was, He Tian You from TP with a score of 35.34. Last but not least, finishing third, Jeremy Soh from RP with a score of 40.45.

In the Women’s novice finals, the top spot went to Cherie Ling with a score of 30.00. Coming in second was RP competitor, Fion Seetoh with a score of 26.33. Finishing third was Hannah Lim, from RP, with a score of 23.89. 

In the Women’s free ride category, it was no surprise as Sasha Christian took the top spot with a whomping 70.0 score and Adiel Adnan taking the same position in the Men’s free ride category with a sky-high score of 80.0.
On a overall scale, it was Temasek Polytechnic which edged the competition with a overall score of 460 to Republic Poly’s 455.
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