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Climbing to new heights

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photo by Lee Jingyi (VOXSPORTS)

Round-up: National Inter-School Rock Climbing Championships 2013

As the sun rose high on the 21st of April, the National Inter-School Rock Climbing Championships 2013 Day 2 was commencing at the Onsight Climbing Gym. Kids from different divisions and schools came under one roof to compete for their place. 

The C Division Boys and Girls kick started the day. Participants from Outram Secondary School, Springfeild Secondary School, Xinmin Secondary School, First Toa Payoh Secondary School and many others competed against each other. Each participant portrayed great skill and worked hard to get to the top. However, there were only three who made it to the top. 

For the C Division Girls, the Outram Secoindary School girls stole the show. Nuraisah Bte Sabarudin came in third place, Nadirah Bte Mohamed Azmie came in second place and Yang Lijia took first place. All three girls are competing for Outram Secondary School. 

For the C Division Boys, in third place, Verosil Paul Justin Bayo from Outram Secondary School. In second place, Muhammad Asyraaf B Mohd Yusri from Springfeild Secondary School, and in first place, Jader Chew from Xinmin Secondary School. 

Up next were the B Division Boys and Girls. As the participants climbed the wall, they were supported by their peers with encouragement. The crowd was constantly at the edge of their seats as they kept a close eye on their friends who climbed the wall. 

After the round was over, three participants from each category emerged as victors. For the B Division Girls, in third place, Tan Yu Lin from Outram Secondary School. In second place, Nadhirah Bte Yusri from Outram Secondary School, and in first place, Tan Hui Shan from Xinmin Secondary School. 

Under the B Division Boys, Ibnu Haizul B Yusri from Outram Secondary School came in third place. Chong Vincent from Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School came in second place and Yong Kai Chen Gavin from First Toa Payoh Secondary School came in first place. 

As afternoon approached, participants from the next two upcoming divisions were practicing on the walls. The mid afternoon sun faded as the rain came to cool things down. 

The A Division began with a much harder course. The participants showed amazing strength as they took the competition to new heights. 
For the A Division Girls, Patrice Claire Verosil from Serangoon Junior College came in third place. Chow Shi En Gwendolyn from Temasek Junior College came in second place and Lee I-Lin form Victoria Junior College came in first place. 

For the A Division Boys, in third place, Ang Kok Jun Keith from Serangoon Junior College. In second place, Lee Chong Kai from Tampines Junior College and in first place, Brandon Goh Kheng Xiang from Serangoon Junior College. 

As the varsity Division began, the crowd continued to support and to cheer on their fellow participants. The atmosphere was still pumping as the day was coming to an end. 

For the V Division Women, Judith Sim Ming Xin from National Technology University came in third place. Seow Ai Lin form National University of Singapore came in second place, and in first place, Vanessa Teng Si Yinn from Singapore Polytechnic. 

For the V Division Men, in third place, Shannon Xyrus Chua Zong You from Temasek Polytechnic. In second place, Guo Jingyang from Singapore Polytechnic and in first place, Kenneth Lim Yong Jie from Singapore Polytechnic. 

The day proved to be full of strength and determination as each participant tried their very best to make it to new heights. 

To find out more about rock climbing, or to learn the basics to sport climbing read our Singapore Sports 101: Sport Climbing series.
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