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Wrestling isn't violent, it's an art

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The Oh brothers in practice together. Maximilian (red) tries to throw his brother Bevan. (Photo by Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

"In Wrestling, You Control Your Energy, It's Not So Violent and Rough" - Maxmilian Oh, 13

By Grace Sim

If you think that wrestling is violent and not a sport for the young, you are twice mistaken. For 11-year-olds Baven Oh and Daniel Moritz, wrestling is not just simply tumbles and fun, but a lesson of control and respect.

Baven piped energetically: “I love wrestling because you learn techniques and you get to socialize as well. It’s not like WWE where there’s a lot of blood. A lot of people have misconceptions.”

His 13-year-old brother, Maximilian Oh, added: “Unlike other sports like boxing, [in wrestling] you control your energy, it’s not so violent and rough.”

Every Saturday morning, the Oh siblings arrive at Top Gym to learn basic wrestling techniques incorporated into fun games. The Kids Class is a satellite training programme designed for seven to 14 year olds, and is organized by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore and endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council.

For Bob Oh, sending his children to learn wrestling has a lot to do with mutual respect and tolerance.

Bob said: “It’s a very technical sport and very different from the other [combat] sports. In this sport you don’t learn to hit somebody. You learn to subdue the person and you rely more on strategy.”

Despite his young age, Daniel Moritz has won several medals from junior wrestling competitions.

The 5th grader from Singapore American School exclaimed: “[Wrestling] is mostly grapples and stuff. It makes my muscles strong. When I first came here, I was wrestling all these guys that were bigger than me and I thought couldn’t beat them. But after I got more experience, [I realized] I can do this.”

Daniel’s father, David Moritz, has been very supportive of his son’s involvement in the sport.

Aside from it being his favourite sport in the past, David revealed: “Wrestling is a great sport for kids to learn. It develops the coordination, the strength, not only the body but the mental strength.”

David also commended the coach, Gabriel Huang and his assistants, for being very committed to the programme in developing athletes for the national level.

Indeed, the sport is steadily gaining recognition in the local scene. Huang commented on the rising popularity of the programme since its inception two years back.

“When we started out we had four students, now we have 16 to 20 [in the Kids Class]. We are also starting out more satellite centres around Singapore,” said Huang.

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Wrestling Kids Class Satellite Centres

Every Sat 10am – 11.30am at Top Gym Singapore (50 Macpherson Rd, Level 8) or 
Every Tues 4.30pm – 6.30pm at Jurong Outdoor Futsal Centre (4, Fourth Chin Bee Rd)

Ages: 7 to 14 years old

Contact: +65 62804748


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