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Sports Club's Programmes to Offer Lifelong Opportunities in Sports

Singapore, 15 March 2013 – Have you actively participated in a sport during your school days, and became quite good at it only to give it up after moving onto the adult workforce due to a lack of opportunities to continue playing? If the above situation aptly describes what you’ve experienced, you are not alone.

The national sports participation survey conducted by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) in 2005 shows that while there are high participation rates in sports among school children, once they graduate and leave the structured programming offered by their schools, sports participation drops drastically.

This is where a super sports club that offers an island-wide network of affordable sports programmes and activities for people of all skill levels, and competitions organised at the regional and community level would benefit local sporting enthusiasts. 

Speaking at the Committee of Supply (COS) 2013 debate, Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth acknowledged the importance of beefing up existing sports programmes that are on offer and linking up with existing programme providers and organisers to provide Singaporeans with lifelong opportunities in participating and competing in sports.

“The Club will present Singaporeans with more opportunities to sustain their interest and participation in sports,” said Mr Wong. “This will also ensure that students’ interest in their sport can be sustained after they finish school, as they continue playing in the Club.”

Modified Programmes

Not only can members of the community expect to carry on playing and competing in their sport of choice once it’s ready, but the Sports Club will provide modified programmes for different age groups and abilities, from recreational to competitive, and for customised groupings such as families, schools and companies. There are also opportunities to join sports teams, and have access to professional coaches and instructors.

“By enhancing our sporting hardware and software, we hope all Singaporeans will enjoy fulfilling experiences at lifestyle venues where families, friends and communities can gather and enjoy sports together,” added Mr Wong.

A pilot programme of the Super Sports Club is set to be launched in the Jurong region in June this year running on existing facilities, the Club will be anchored on the Regional Sports Centres (RSC) once they’re developed. Research into the membership scheme of the Club is still ongoing, but is expected to be inclusive, with all Singapore residents eligible to apply at no cost. 

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