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Climbing against cancer

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It started from reading climbing magazine articles and online publications, but it did not take long for the word to spread through the rest of the local climbing community.

Borne from the Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) initiative in the United Kingdom by John Ellison, himself a cancer survivor, Climb Asia's team rallied together Singapore's climbers and embarked on a mission to raise funds and seek awareness on Saturday, 23 February 2013.

Selling CAC t-shirts at a fixed international price, funds raised were divided into 5 portions to 5 different international cancer research organisations to support the cause. Whatever was collected from the day's proceeds at the "Climb Against Cancer" event held at Climb Asia's Tessensohn clubhouse was also donated to the Singapore Cancer Society thus helping those closer to home as well.

"After we got news of it, and understood the intent of the movement and how it benefits cancer patients, we decided to contact John (Ellison) to get something bigger going for Singapore," said Michael Lim, Retail Manager, Climb Asia Pte Ltd.

"We decided to do something that would be more effective in Singapore instead of just buying and reselling the shirts. That’s why we linked up with the Singapore Cancer Society, learnt about their needs and worked out a scheme to generate donations to support our local cancer-fighting efforts." 

Interesting facts about Climb Asia’s Climbing Against Cancer event:

1) Not-for-profit
2) CAC shirts sold to generate awareness of the international movement
3) $5 entry fees to the event were pledged by Climb Asia as direct donations to Singapore Cancer Society
4) Distribution of Singapore Cancer Society’s materials to generate greater awareness of the local cancer-fighting and research efforts
5) Games and giveaways on event day to engage all participants, and prizes were sponsored by Climb Asia’s international brands 
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