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The title of an ultra marathoner

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Runners off to a good start at the MR25 Ultra Marathon held at the MacRitchie Reservoir. (Photo by VoxSports)

Singapore is home to many marathons catered for both the young and old to promote a healthy living. The MacRitchie Reservoir is home to many early joggers and also one of Singapore’s largest flora and fauna habitation.

At the end of every year, a marquee sports event called “MR25 Ultra Marathon” is held there and as the name suggests, this marathon would cater more to a niche and elite group of runners to clinch the title of an ‘Ultra Marathoner’.

Steven Lee, Committee Member of the Maritchie Runners and Organiser of the marathon, said: “This race has always been the marquee sports event because I feel that we should end the year off with the toughest marathon in Singapore!” In order to achieve the title of an ‘Ultra Marathoner’, participants have to complete five laps of running (50 km equivalent).

Steven added: “We started from very humble beginnings with no sponsors at all and my humblest wish is for this marathon to reach a scale whereby we can invite international runners to participate!”

The race kicked off at about 7am near the roundabout at MacRitchie Reservoir. Team Singapore’s advisor Mohd Shariff was also seen holding up a sign and supporting the runners there. Mohd Shariff is better known as Singapore’s ‘Blade Runner’ and he runs with a prosthetic left leg; Shariff serves as an inspiration for others not to give up under difficult circumstances.

Ling Jie Han Kelvin, participant from the race and also a member of Sembcorp, said: “When I first started this race in 2007, there was probably about less than 100 people. However, over time this race grew and more sponsors came in and I think it’s good to create more awareness for this race because the route in MacRitchie isn’t easy!”

Kelvin also stated that there are also many uncertainties due to the twelve-hour long run, which becomes an adrenaline boost for him. Kevin would be looking forward to achieve his target 7 laps (about 70km).

As the MR25 concludes as one of the toughest race in Singapore, many would be looking forward to how the race grows in years to come.

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