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Martyn Ashton celebrates with friends in Road Bike Party 2

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If you are sorely in need of hope, inspiration and entertainment, Martyn Ashton’s sequel Road Bike Party 2 is here to make your day.

This video is more than just a bunch of guys having fun doing crazy bike stunts (e.g. sliding down a massive amusement park water slide) on a carbon fibre road bike. It is also a journey that entails passion, courage and determination. 

After all, Road Bike Party 2 was completed less than 3 months after Ashton sustained life changing spinal injuries that left him paralysed from waist down when he fell while attempting a stunt during a bike trial back in September.   The filming of the video was near completion when the accident happened. 

This time round, the Ashton’s completes his vision for Road Bike Party 2 with help from a bunch of good friends that include a couple of guest appearances from Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill .

Ashton, often regarded as a mountain bike legend and credited for transforming bike trials from a niche discipline into the sport that it is today has already entertained many with his famed creation of Road Bike Party  released in October 2012 which has since garnered more than 9 million youtube views to date.  

Catching Ashton and friends strut their stuff in Road Bike Party 2 will put a big smile on your face because THEY ARE SIMPLY SUCH A JOY TO WATCH.

Definitely still rocking it!


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