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Lee Yan Lin - ex-national athlete, organiser of Venus Run

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  1. Tell us more about yourself. And also, what is your motto in life?
  2. My motto in life is to give to others more than what they require, and also to give without expecting anything in return. I also stand by living everyday being thankful for what I have and showing gratitude to the people around me.

    I am 26 years old. I am currently working as a financial consultant. I chose this career purely because of interest and passion. It has been a wonderful 3 years since. Besides work, I see myself as a very outgoing person. I like to meet new people and I try to keep an active lifestyle through running and doing other recreational sports. As much as I love running, I am unable to commit to it on a competitive level.

  3. How did your passion for running start?
  4. I started running when I was 11. Back then, it was just a time away from books and getting to 'play' with my friends. I started training proper when I was in secondary school. Running to me was definitely still a joy but I also had a different kind of motivation. It was the commitment made to my school and to my teammates. This made me very eager to train hard together and to achieve the best results I could for my school. We had very good coaches and teachers (in CHIJ St Nicholas). They definitely contributed to my growing passion for sprinting. When I started training for the national team, sprinting became part of my life. Other aspects of my world had to be altered to suit my training – family, my friends, leisure time, and even schoolwork. I learnt so much about hard work, discipline, about facing my fears, my failures and overcoming them. I experienced teamwork, fun and glory. All these factors made me so passionate about running.

  5. Share with us some of your highest achievements in Track & Field.
  6. - Represented Singapore in 4x100M in SEA Games, 2007 - 4th placing, set a new national record of 46.68 sec.

    - Represented Singapore in various international competitions like Asian Grand Prix, Asian Track & Field Meet, Commonwealth Youth Games, etc.

    - Set National Schools Track & Field A Division Record for 200m & 4x100M.

  7. Do you have a strict exercise and diet plan? Where do you frequent to keep fit?
  8. Currently, I do not have a fixed exercise regime or a diet plan. I try to exercise at least twice a week. The exercises I do include a mix of a long run and strengthening exercises. I am slowly working on a fixed exercise regime of at least 4 times a week! I run at places near my home like Mac Ritichie, Bishan Park or Bishan Stadium.

    For my diet, I eat almost anything but I avoid fast food and canned food. I try to keep my diet light with lots of fruits and vegetables. I believe that it's all about having a balanced diet/lifestyle, such that if I were to eat unhealthily on certain days, I will balance it out with salads, lighter food or with exercise.

    In the past when I was an athlete, I had an exercise regime which I had to follow religiously. I had to train about 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I had no diet plan but I knew which food are good and bad for me and will consume appropriately at the different periods of my training cycle.

  9. How do you juggle between work and keeping fit? What motivates you?
  10. If I have no time to exercise because of work, I try to walk as much as possible. For shorter distances, I walk instead of driving or take public transport. Exercising with my friends motivates me to exercise because I feel that it's more fun doing it together as a group. It is also easier when friends motivate each other when the other is down. Another way I motivate myself is by signing up for runs. This makes me train for it as I want to better my timing after each run.

  11. What inspired you to embark on organizing Venus Run?
  12. As an ex-national athlete, I am grateful for what the Singapore Athletics Association has provided me with. So when I was approached to organize Venus Run, I thought that it would be a good way to give back to the association. I also like to see people run and by being part of Venus Run, it allows me to reach out to more people to encourage them to start running.

  13. How do you overcome some of the difficulties that may arise when organizing the run?
  14. There were a few challenges that we faced. Initially, because the committee of this run was largely made of up volunteers, it was tough to schedule meetings and to divide the workload.

    The second challenge was to differentiate our run and to create unique experiences for our participants, since there were already so many runs every weekend.

    For the third challenge, instead of involving too many people in the decision-making, we had to scale down on the number of committee members. We shortlisted those who were responsible, experienced and passionate about running to be the core decision makers and then allocate minor duties to the other members who were specialized in different areas. These ensured swift decisions were made.

    Lastly, in order to find ways to make Venus Run 2014 different, we have two new and exciting partnerships. This is something the runners can look forward to for a unique experience. More details are on

  15. What are your aims for organizing Venus Run?
  16. Venus Run targets both new and experienced runners and the aim of the run is to allow women, young or old, new or experienced, to achieve their personal sporting goals.
    We would also like Venus Run to be an avenue for new runners to have fun, enjoy and kick start their running habits which will hopefully and eventually help them embark on an active lifestyle.

    For experienced runners, it is to give them more race opportunities. With our official timing systems and also with the route sanctioned by the Singapore Athletic Association, the runners can ensure that the distance run and the timings taken are accurate.

  17. In your opinion, what motivates women to participate in endurance sports such as a marathon?
  18. There are many reasons why women participate in endurance sports. One reason I believe is that endurance sports allows women to express their freedom – that they can push as hard as they want and go as far as they can, where there is no limit in achieving what they set out to do.

    It is also the process of training up for an endurance sport that satisfies them. Going through the pain and overcoming it eventually reward them with a very strong sense of fulfilment.

  19. Lastly, share some words to encourage women to participate in Venus Run.
  20. All women have a lot to look forward to in Venus Run 2014 because it is going to be an experiential event. Venus Run 2014 is to be held on International Women's Day and hence, we are creating the event to focus on the needs of women and to empower them through running.
    The committee of Venus run is constantly thinking of how we can empower women through our event and in the upcoming Venus Run, we will be introducing two new and exciting partnerships, as I had mentioned.

    Our title sponsor has designed a unique 'women-focused' event shirt and there will only be a limited number of 5000 shirts just for the Venus Run participants. More info of how to get the shirt will be on our website.

    Finally, by taking part in Venus Run, the ladies will be contributing a portion of their race fees to a non-profit organization. There will also be other fund-raising activities in aid of a good cause.

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