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Illumi Run 2013: neon lights lit up novelty night race

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Participants get sprayed with color at the Illumi Run. (Photo taken by VOXSPORTS)

Approximately 10,000 people gathered together on Saturday night near the F1 Village for the first-ever night party 5km run. Of course, with the Illumi Run being the first-ever night party, the race attracted mostly frequent club goers.

With the Illumi run doubling up as a night party, participants had a choice of indulging themselves on drinks to loosen up themselves for the fun-filled and entertaining line up. Participants had to be of at least 16 years of age to be eligible for this race.

The runners were all coated with neon illumi glow water accompanied with the light sticks provided by the organizers to make it seem like a horde of lights moving together on the breezy Saturday night. There were different zones throughout the racetrack and most of them played various genres of dance music.

The first zone was the Korean-pop zone where runners were also rewarded with bubbles that filled the UV-lit marquee. Disco balls lit up the black tents at zone two where the marquee was installed with UV-lights and the runners await officials for the paint to be splattered over them once again.

Jeffery Foo, Organizer of the Illumi Run said, “This has got to be the biggest crowd a debut race has ever seen. I see this race going forth into international stage in years to come. What I’m feel now is just too amazing to be put into words!”

After the 5km race, the event finished with an after party featuring DJs Sabrina, Tinc, Mathias, and ATran. The Urban Drum Crew also performed on the water LED drums to end the night with a special percussion performance. Pyrotechnic displays and fireworks also lit up the skies, psyching the crowd by giving them an unforgettable night.

“I’ve been to a few marathons. This would definitely be the marathon I would be back for again next year, it brings the fun factor to a whole new level!” said Vernon Ang, participant of Illumi Run 2013.

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