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Game for life: learning field

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As a former national hockey player, Melanie Ann Martens learned powerful lessons that have served her well in work and life. The principal of St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School now uses sport as a tool to get her students ready for life’s challenges.

Melanie recalls the Asian Games in Hiroshima, Japan in 1994 where her team went down 7-1 to South Korea. For her, that was one of the defining moments of her sporting career – never mind that the team lost the game.

She says resolutely: “I realised that it didn’t matter that we lost. What mattered more was that we conquered our fear of competing against the best, stepped onto the field and did out best.” For Melanie, losing has turned out to be an important life lesson.

“Sport teaches you how to manage failure because failure is never final. It’s the same thing with work, relationships and life. If you fail at work or in love, you don’t jump off a building. You see how you can do better next time.”

The above is an excerpt from “Game For Life”, a book that chronicles the journeys of 25 Singaporeans whose lives have been made extraordinary through sport. To read more about Melanie among other inspiring stories of hope and achievement, get your copy of “Game for Life” for just SGD$ 20 from SSC’s Sports Library located at 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799.

To find out more, visit this link.
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