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27th SEA Games preview: sounding the call of the Lion City in Myanmar

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The dance team together with Nila, Creative and Music director, Phillip Tan, and Mr Lawrence Wong. (Photos by Voxsports)

Come 22 December 2013, a group of Singapore athletes, dancers and percussionists will sound the call of the Lion City at the 27th SEA Games Closing Ceremony in Myamar. Athletes from around the Asean region will be invited to gather in Singapore for the 28th edition of the South East Asian Games, just before the Games flame is put off in Myanmar.

In dance moves that fuse sports and art, the highly energetic display of 50 performers will symbolise the start of a journey towards the new Games in 2015.

The performers who are ordinary Singaporeans are made up of students, working professionals from SOKA, as well as current and former Team Singapore athletes from Taekwondo, Wushu and Gymnastics.

Internationally renowned Creative and Music Director Philip Tan explained that he wanted the performance to communicate a message of unity in diversity with the interplay of athletic and artistic choreography.

The performance also evoked the different cultures from across the region, blending the old and new and the east and west.

At the National Library open plaza on 5 Dec 2013, the group gave a sneak preview of their performance before Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong, and members of the SEA Games Organising Committee and members of the public.

A pleased and excited Philip Tan said, ‘For many of our athletes this SEA Games will be the biggest competition of their lives. This year we have 308 participants. And this is where I think the whole country should come together to witness that – to celebrate that!’

School of the Arts (SOTA) student Ashley Chua is the vocalist for Singapore’s performance at the closing ceremony.

The 16 year old soprano, who sings opera, revealed that she was one of three students who was short-listed by her school. ‘I am very fortunate that I eventually landed the place,’ she said.

With her sports background in wushu and gymnastics, Ashley was the ideal person to front the performance.

Ashley Chua accompanied the dancers at the end with a solo song segment.

Team Singapore athlete Raja Arshad called this chance to perform at the Closing Ceremony ‘an amazing adventure’.

The Taekwondo exponent who is going to the SEA Games for the first time, had some difficulty picking up the dance moves initially.He admitted that he had two left feet when it came to dancing. ‘My biggest challenge was definitely the dancing part. I don’t know how to groove. It’s not in me!’ he said with a laugh.

To support Raja, Ashley and all the other athletes and dancers who will be performing, don’t forget to watch the SEA Games closing ceremony on TV on 22 Dec 2013.

Team Singapore Taekwondo and Wushu athletes perform a segment called Sports Talent.


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