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Singapore Cricket Club Rugby 7s host international teams

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An Asia Pacific Dragons Player evading a tackle from NZ Wanderers. (Photo by VOXSPORTS)

An array of teams featuring stars from the rugby scene came together to pit their months of training and hard work on the field to clinch the championship title for the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Rugby7s.

The Singapore Cricket Club hosts this grand event annually where teams and clubs from all over the world gather to fight it out. The event venue itself caters to the needs of a sporty crowd who come out for the fun as well as the serious sportsman looking to capture a trophy. Tentages of bars serving authentic cuisine and live band performances are all features at the ‘7s’.

The event not only features games from the different clubs but also games for kids. Lots of children were seen running around in their club uniforms practicing their throws and tackles.

A standout team at the tournament would definitely be the Asia Pacific Dragons. The Asia Pacific Dragons made their mark when their team beat the NS Wanderers in a landslide victory of 47 - 0 on the first day of the tournament.

Sakaraia Labalaba, Coach of the Asia Pacific Dragons said, “I’m excited for what’s coming and I think the team did very well in communicating with one another to score.”

As the games went on for the next two days, there were other teams that really took the stage. First was the Borneo Eagles that proceeded to the cup quarter-finals. During the quarter finals, they beat the French Development U20 Team 31 - 0 with a clean sheet victory. However, their title hopes ended when they lost against the two time champions, the Asia Pacific Dragons 31 - 7.

Despite not being able to win the cup, two teams took it to the bowl finals and it was a highly anticipated match between the NS Wanderers and East Arnhem Rugby. The game was a tough as both teams tussled for possession with vicious tackles and each team found it hard to gain yards over the other. In the end, it was NS Wanderers who stole the win with a mere one point ending the game 15 - 14 making the NS Wanderers champions of the bowl category.

The Asia Pacific Dragons succeeded in clinching the title when they beat the HSBC Penguins 43-5 in the finals. The team was ecstatic with their performance.

Team Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) finished in the bowl playoffs stage after losing to NS Wanderers in the last game 12 - 21. Despite their loss, Simon Etheredge who is captain of the SCC said his team was fortunate and privileged to play for a rugby event of this scale.

Watch the highlights of the 66th SCC Rugby 7s in the video below.

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