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Game for life: track record

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As a talented track and field student athlete, Alan Koh Swee Wan could have gone on to bigger things. But a hamstring injury and financial hardship killed his dream in athletics. He remains committed to sports over the years and played a pivotal role in transforming the campus sports scene at Singapore Management University (SMU).

“There were so many things I loved about track and field – the smell of the track, the warming up, and the applying of wintergreen oil to soothe bruised muscles,” says the 57-year-old wistfully. “I relished the personal challenge of doing my best during each race too.”

Alan’s memories of athletics are deeply intertwined with recollections of his childhood. As a 10-year-old child, he used to race his twin brother on the running track after school. His challenges as an athlete and time with the Singapore Sports Council nurtured him in sports and exposed him to competition.

In 2005, Alan started the Sport Excellence Programme (SEP) at SMU to raise the standards and profiles of SMU student athletes.

The above is an excerpt from “Game For Life”, a book that chronicles the journeys of 25 Singaporeans whose lives have been made extraordinary through sport. To read more about Alan among other inspiring stories of hope and achievement, get your copy of “Game for Life” for just SGD$ 20 from SSC’s Sports Library located at 230 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397799.

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