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The zombie apocalypse craze hits the global running scene

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Participants at this year's Race the Dead. (Photo by VOXSPORTS)   

With the trend of movies and television dramas moving towards that of a zombie apocalypse, it would not been long till the same theme would soon hit numerous cities in the world with the idea of mixing ‘zombies’ in a marathon to provide some ‘undead’ fun during the event.

With runs already being organised and hitting sell-out crowds in New York, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines and now Singapore, these runs have become a bit of a cult franchise. Although they may be organised by different organisers, they generally involve the same theme.

The largest franchise of all, Run For Your Lives, has seen thousands flock to the event with up to seven hundred and fifty ‘zombies’ promising to make the run even more enjoyable. One of the common trends measured during a study conducted for these events is that more than seventy five percent of the participating runners have become bored with the traditional run and see it as a new challenge to run while being chased by someone else.

In Singapore, the latest edition of our own ‘Apocalypse Run’ is Race The Dead, where more than five thousand participants signed up to be chased by zombies who had volunteered, all in the name of fun and to add that little bit more shine to the local running scene here in Singapore.

“Its always a little bit different to be chased by someone and i’d rather I be chased by volunteers than a pack of wild dogs just to get me to exercise” quipped Tobias Lim, who had signed up for the run as he was getting bored of the usual marathons and felt that they were too serious to interest him.

Come January, the original franchise, Run for Your Lives (Asia) by Action X will hit our shores with five kilometres of obstacles. Promising the same experience as the United States, the Asian franchise in Singapore will be in the heart of town through the Central Business District in a route that will include the Padang and Marina Bay running routes that are already popular with the corporate crowds.

“I’m not sure if I’ll take part in such a run but it definitely looks like a lot of fun. Maybe if they have a corporate zombie part, i’ll take part to catch my colleagues” remarked Rebecca Tan as she joked about how she would become a zombie in the race as they were calling for volunteers on their website.

With the increase in the number of marathons in Singapore, we are now seeing an increasing trend of various ‘fun’ runs that are themed around the media that we absorb on a daily basis. Zombie apocalypse runs are now gaining traction and with the US franchise now upon us, it remains to be seen how many more will come of age as our runners look for new and more exciting challenges ahead.
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