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Cheryl Leong - floorball and dragonboat

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  1. What do you do for living? Why and when did you start playing floorball?

    I am the assistant of the CEO of Heritas Capital Management, a fund management company.
    I started playing floorball nine years ago in Millennia Institute where I spent my first three months of junior college education. It was quite a trying time for me back then as most of my peers went to a junior college but my results fell short of qualifying for a place. Floorball was the silver lining and maybe going into Millennia Institute was a blessing in disguise as I spent and am still spending nine solid years enjoying this sport so much.

  2. How often is the training for floorball and what position do you play?

    I play for Agape Floorball Club and we train once weekly during the league season and play one match every weekend. I have played almost every position before (except goalkeeper) and am currently playing as a forward.

  3. How do you manage your time to accommodate a full-time job and floorball?

    There is always time for something you love this much in your life. Floorball to me is not just about playing the sport but also having a great bond and relationship with the coach and team. My team is really amazing and we are truly a family. I usually do my physical training (5km run, core exercises) on a weeknight after work. Floorball court trainings are also held on a weeknight or weekend. There is always time if we make time.

  4. Other than floorball, we understand that you also dragon boat. So between playing floorball and dragonboating, which sport do you prefer?

    These are two very different sports. I enjoy the versatility that comes with Floorball and the crazy sense of adrenaline Dragonboat races give me. But if I have to make a choice, I would pick Floorball as I think it is a more complete sport with all the running, body, feet and arm movements.

  5. In your opinion, how popular and competitive is the sport of floorball in Singapore?

    I think Floorball is gaining popularity really quickly. When I started playing the sport, most people never even knew it existed. Now, almost every primary, secondary and tertiary institution have inculcated this sport either within their Physical Education curriculum or have it as a Co-Curricular Activity and it is pretty active in the competitive scene.

  6. Do you think that floorball is a challenging sport for a beginner? (i.e. is training for matches tough and draining? And are the rules, skills and techniques needed to play decent floorball difficult for a beginner?

    I would say that there are many degrees of challenges that Floorball can bring. Firstly, one can decide to pick this up as a recreational activity. Because Floorball is so versatile (ability to adjust court/rink size, can play with different number of players, etc), the degree of challenge can be adjusted to suit one's preference.

    If one were to want to pick up this sport competitively, I would think any competitive sport would have its share of challenges and obstacles. It is just part and parcel of sports involvement.

    Floorball is a simple sport in the way that the basics are easy to pick up, which could be why it is so popular in schools now. What makes it interesting is that while being simple in basics, the advancement and degrees of challenges are varied and very versatile.

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