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Bloomberg Square Mile Race Relay makes local debut

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Participants trying to get ahead of each other at the flag off. (photo by VOXSPORTS)

After many years of successful runs in the United Kingdom, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay finally made its way to our shores on 24 October.

About 160 teams took part in the one-mile-long race which spanned the Marina Bay area, beginning and ending at the Promontory at Marina Bay. Made up of 10 participants each - the teams were made up from organisations like public relations companies, marketing firms, banks and SportCares, the charity arm of the Singapore Sports Council.

Teams fought it out for a chance to snag the top prize of $10,000, which would go to a charity of their choice. Right from the flag-off at 6:45pm, the first runners of each team ensured the relay would be an exciting one as they tried to give their teams a good start. The top few teams came in very close to one another as the race drew to a close. With the 10th runner of the final team crossing the finish line, it was Macquarie Bank which took the victory with their time of 54 minutes and four seconds.

"We are really excited about this win and it truly was a team effort with many of us running each lap under 5 minutes,” said David Forrester, Vice President of Macquarie Bank.

Their charity of choice was HopeHouse, that offers at-risk youth an opportunity to reshape their dreams and goals in life by providing temporary residence, guidance and counselling.

“Today we ran with all our hearts to grab the chance to win the $10,000 for them," Forrester added.

There was also an individual award given for the fastest runner, which was clinched by Stuart Haynes of Morgan Stanley. He completed the 1.6km lap in 4 minutes and 39 seconds. This was a feat considering the route was not an easy one and that there were many diversions with stairs and turns.

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is looking to venture into other countries, with the Singapore leg being the first to be implemented.

Nick Keller, CEO of Square Mile Sport said: "It was no surprise to see a wonderful sporting city and financial hub such as Singapore embrace this fantastic event. The passion with which Singapore's corporate community took to the course was a credit to their competitive nature; while the teamwork and atmosphere were proof that these 1,600 people are friends as well as competitors - both on the course and in the office."
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