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Paddlers make clean sweep

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Paddler Feng Tian Wei (second from right) seen here joining students of Peiying Secondary School in picking up litter last weekend. (SSC images)

For the residents of Nee Soon South, it wasn’t just another Sunday morning. The sun shone brightly in the neighbourhood as a crowd gathered together to play their part for the environment.  

Aided by Team Singapore’s Paddlers such as Feng Tian Wei, Gao Ning and Yu Mengyu, those gathered showed their support by picking up rubbish in an effort to work towards a cleaner and greener environment. 

Students from Peiying Primary School as well as Naval Base Secondary School also took part in the activity as well. Some, who were aspiring table tennis players, found it to be a dream come true as they had the opportunity to do their part for the environment while mingling with their very idols. 

“I am so excited to see Feng Tian Wei,” quipped 15-year-old Wei Ling of Naval Base Secondary. “She is my idol so to be able to take part in this activity together with her is a real experience for me.”

STTA hopes to generate a multiplier effect in encouraging Singaporeans to come forward and join them in their litter-free campaign.

Said Feng Tianwei, "I would like to give back to the community in some small ways, and litter picking is a small action that can make a big difference. It's a small step, but it will make our home here on earth greener."

Amongst the buzz and excitement, many agreed that keeping a clean environment was a communal effort and that everyone should play a part in keeping our city clean and green. Not only for us, but also for our future.
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